7 Dreadful Adulting Fails You Must Never Repeat In 2023 When It Comes To Your Diet


1. Being a breakfast ditcher
We understand that you have a busy schedule, but skipping breakfast will not only make you crave junk food all-day long but will also make you cranky and distracted.

Cheat code: You can easily avoid this adulting fail by eating fruits like apples or bananas for brekkie. Even a handful of dried fruits will do the trick.

2. Being a snack maniac
Adulting comes with long working hours where you are glued to your laptop and have no time to eat lunch. In this case finger foods and snacks come to your rescue. Isn’t it? We know that they are just a tap away, thanks to food delivery apps, but what about those unwanted calories?

Do you know how many calories a cheesy burger has? And what it takes to burn them? Well, watch this to clear any doubts:

In fact, an article published on talks about the ill effects of these empty calories and how it can result in stroke and kidney failure.

Cheat code: Make makhana aka fox nuts your bae for hunger pangs. You can also enlist dried fruits, seeds, peanuts, and roasted chana to curb your hunger.

3. Being a proliferator of processed foods
If not chapatti then bread will do… does this sound like you? If yes, then it’s troublesome too. The British National Institutes of Health says that even seemingly healthy processed foods will always add up to those harmful calories.

Cheat code: If making chapati sounds like a lot of work then eat a big bowl of veggies. Still craving carbs? Then try rice.

Make veggies your best friend! 

4. Being a tech magnet
Distraction alert! Ladies, if you too prefer to eat your meal while Netflixing then give this one a read. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that it can hamper your memory as you are not mindful enough while taking those bites.

Cheat code: Eat with your friends and family and share a laugh as well.

5. Being a dressings lover
Ordered a salad with all those ravishing dressings? Here’s a high-cal alert for you ladies as those creamy dressings will undo any nutritional benefit of your salad. Of course, they look enticing and add that extra punch to your salad but what about your health? Think again because an article in The Harvard Health Publishing agrees with us too.

Salad dressings are just fad. 

Cheat code: Add nuts and seeds like almonds, raisins, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. to give body to your salad. Adding honey can also do wonders.

6. Being one food army
If you too are following one type of diet routine then here’s a heads-up from our side — you might be depriving your body of other nutrients. Just having chicken or vegetables will rob your body from fibre and proteins, respectively.

There are numerous studies that claim that we need both micro and macro nutrients to function. So opting for a particular food item or an entire category will have ill effects and therefore, we have to balance it out.

Cheat code: Balanced diet is going to be your mantra for 2023.

7. Being a no ghee bee
Cutting out on any nutrient can be a big mistake when it comes to nourishing our body. We blindly follow rumors and myths without rationally analysing them. Studies and nutritionists are on the same page and they believe that skipping any nutrient is just a wrong way to deal with your body.

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