7 Common Signs You Are Forcing A Relationship(2023)

7 Common Signs You Are Forcing a Relationship

If you’re ever unsure about your relationship’s balance, these 7 common signs can be telling. They indicate that you might be paddling solo in your love boat, forcing the connection more than nurturing it.

1. You’re Always the Initiator

If you find yourself always being the one to send the first text, make the first call, or plan dates, this might be a sign. A relationship should be a two-way street where both parties are equally excited to grow closer.

This doesn’t mean keeping a score, but if the pattern is consistently one-sided, it might be time to question why.

2. You’re Constantly Trying to ‘Fix’ Things

If you find yourself constantly trying to ‘fix’ aspects of your relationship, things aren’t as harmonious as they should be. Healthy relationships naturally have their ups and downs, but if it feels like you’re the one always working on repair and maintenance, it might indicate an underlying issue.

Effort in a relationship should focus on growth and deepening closeness rather than continuous repair. This continuous ‘fixing’ cycle might mean you’re trying to keep a relationship going that doesn’t flow naturally.

3. They Don’t Make Time for You

In a thriving relationship, both individuals value spending quality time together. If your partner often seems too busy or preoccupied, it’s worth noting. Are they just not that interested in you?

Of course, everyone has life’s demands, but consistently putting you on the back burner shows a lack of effort or interest.

4. Your Friends and Family Express Concern

If multiple friends or family members express worry about your relationship, it’s worth pausing to consider their perspective.

While they don’t have the inside scoop on your relationship, these are people who care about you and may see things you’re missing because you’re too close to the situation.

5. You Feel More Drained Than Energized After Spending Time Together

Relationships should generally leave you uplifted instead of downcast. If you often feel drained, exhausted, or down after spending time with your partner, it could signal that you’re exerting too much energy on making it work.

You deserve a partnership that enriches your life and replenishes your energy, not one that depletes it. Your lack of energy may stem from unacknowledged worry that the relationship isn’t working.

6. They Show Little Interest in Your Life

Partners should take a genuine interest in each other’s lives. If your partner consistently shows disinterest in your day, feelings, or aspirations, you might be pushing to make the relationship work harder than they are.

Love thrives on mutual curiosity and appreciation, and a lack thereof might suggest an unbalanced effort. Ask yourself why you are more interested in them than they are in you.

7. You’re Afraid to Express Your Feelings or Concerns

Open communication is key in any relationship. If you find yourself fearful of expressing your feelings or concerns to your partner, it indicates a fundamental issue.

Trust and safety in sharing emotions are vital for a thriving relationship, and the absence of these components may suggest you’re trying not to rock the boat to keep the relationship alive.

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