7 Common Side Effects Of Biotin In Body(2023)

Wait! Taking too much biotin also has its side-effects. Here are 7 most common side effects of biotin:

1. Too much biotin can lower vitamin C levels. That can weaken immunity.

2. It can also lead to high blood sugar levels which can prove to be dangerous for people with diabetes.

3. It can lower vitamin B6 level which can impact the neurological system.

4. Instead of making your skin flawless, an overdose of biotin can lead to skin rashes.

Too much biotin can wreck your skin. 

5. It can also lead to problems with insulin release and interfere with the functioning of your liver.

6. You can end up with digestion problems that can lead to gut-related problems.

7. Too much biotin leads to excessive urine production. This means that your kidneys will be burdened.

“Biotin is fairly safe but an overdose can lead to a multitude of side-effects. Hence, the dosage is the most critical part. The recommended daily dosage for adults is 30 micrograms. If a woman is lactating, 35 micrograms is good enough,” said Manisha Chopra.

So, ladies, make it a point to include biotin in your diet but remember that too much of anything can be harmful! And these side effects of biotin are proof.

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