7 Best Foods Diabetics Should Eat During Winter (2023)

That’s why she has curated this list of seven winter food items that people with diabetes should include in their meals:
1. Orange and Lemon

Citrus is always great for those who are dealing with diabetes. Oranges and lemons help to control the blood sugar levels. Diabetics can include small quantities of citrus fruits, as part of their daily meals.

“I would suggest eating them whole rather than juicing them,” Ms Chopra suggests.

2. Brussels sprouts

“Winter brings with it a variety of fruits and vegetables. One of them is brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts have high fibre content in them and so, they are good for diabetic people. They help to keep your blood sugar stable,” she recommends.

3. Sweet potatoes

Yes, you can totally make your parents eat sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are quite popular as anti-diabetic food. They are rich in several nutrients and phytochemical beta-carotene, which can help diabetic people manage their weight and blood sugar too!

4. Spinach

Spinach is a superfood that is excellent for people with diabetes. This winter food is a low glycaemic and non-starchy food. Diabetics can include spinach in good quantity in their meals.

She Advises:

Have soup or spinach juice everyday, and you will see a major improvement in your insulin levels.

5. Carrots

Carrots are another food with low glycaemic index value, which makes it ideal for diabetic people. The best part is that it takes time to digest, and so it does not cause an immediate rise in blood sugar levels.

6. Nuts

“Nuts are high in fibre, and low in carbs. Regular consumption of nuts reduces inflammation and blood sugar levels. They help diabetic people also improve their heart health. But beware of the quantity of nuts,” says Ms Chopra.

7. Fish

Eating fish helps regulate blood sugar levels of diabetic people. Fish contains healthy fats, which prevent heart diseases and strokes. So, this food is extremely important for diabetics to include in their diet.

So, now you know what your winter plate should look like, especially if you or someone in your family is a diabetic.

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