6 Types of Attraction the Sigma Males Experience

Attraction means different things to the sigma males. It goes beyond being romantically or sexually attracted to someone. 

Attraction plays an essential role in how the sigma males connect with other people. 

For instance, the sigma males may like someone because they are very smart, yet they don’t want a relationship with her. 

Similarly, a sigma male may want a relationship with someone, but he doesn’t feel the need to become intimate. 

And because the sigma males understand their attraction towards people, they hardly get confused about their feelings. 

Today’s article will discuss the 6 types of attraction sigma males experience. 

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#1. Romantic Attraction 

Sigma males experience romantic attraction when they find the ideal woman they want to be in a relationship with. 

When a sigma male is romantically attracted towards someone, they may want to be with that person even without the sexual aspect of the relationship. 

#2. Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction is one of the types of attraction sigma males experience. It makes the lone wolves desire sexual contact or have sexual feelings towards someone. 

This attraction makes the sigma male experience a feeling of passion, desire, or affection. 

#3. Physical Attraction

Physical attraction, also called sensual attraction, is the sigma males desire to be around someone he trusts and cares about. 

Even though the sigma males enjoy solitude, they still desire to be physically cared for and treated with love and affection from someone close to their heart. 

However, physical attraction doesn’t always go alone. It sometimes goes with other types of attraction.

When sigma males experience physical attraction, they desire to be touched or receive a touch from someone close to them. 

But it may not necessarily be sexual or romantic touch. It could be in the form of hugs or kisses. 

#4. Aesthetic Attraction

Aesthetic attraction is the type of attraction sigma males have towards good looking people. The sigma males will admire these people’s beauty without feeling for them. 

If you understand the sigma males so well, you will realise that they admire beautiful things.  Again, that a sigma male appreciates someone’s beauty doesn’t automatically mean they are in love with that person. 

#5. Emotional Attraction

Ordinarily, the sigma males are more rational than emotional. But they still have emotions; after all, they are human beings. 

There are instances when the lone wolves want to be emotionally present with someone else.

Sigma males can be emotionally attracted to their friends, family members, romantic partners, etc. 

Once in a while, the lone wolves may feel the need to connect with the important people in their lives emotionally. 

Although this may not often happen, when it happens, the sigma males may share their thoughts and feelings about a particular issue and, more importantly, their experiences. 

#6. Intellectual Attraction. 

Intellectual attraction is the most common type of attraction the sigma males experience. It’s the sigma males desire to interact with people on a more cerebral level. 

Intellectual attraction is also referred to as sapiosexuality – (the tendency to attract highly intelligent people). It’s easier for the sigma males to be connected with you if you consistently engage them in a highly intellectual conversation. 

Once someone is intuitive, reflective, and demonstrates a high Intelligence Quotient during a conversation, the sigma males find them really attractive. And such attraction is called intellectual attraction or sapiosexual. 

And sigma males sometimes find it challenging to be romantically or sexually attracted to someone who can’t satisfy them intellectually. 

Which of these attractions have you experienced? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 

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