6 Things You Must Look For Before In A Running Shoe(2023)


So, here are the six things that you must look for in a running shoe:
1. The grip of the shoe
You don’t want to skid or slip while running, therefore, it is very important to look for a shoe that has a proper grip. Also, check for motion control which will help you change your speed without feeling any jerk in your joints.

Are you marathon ready? Check your fit and grip before actually getting started. 

2. Watch out for the fit
There is always a toe rule! According to the Decathlon guideline, there should always be a gap of half to one inch between your biggest toe and the front of the shoe, so that there is some wiggling space.

3. Check the cushioning
Keeping a tab on insole cushioning is very important because if the insole of your shoe is not right then it can lead to lower back issues, according to a study published in a journal of BMC Musculoskeletal Disorder. The shock transmission will make your joints feel the brunt.

Make sure that your shoes feel well-cushioned. 

Also, super-soft insoles don’t always mean comfort. To be on the safer side, you can still go for the shoes that have memory foam insole. Also, you can buy some extra insoles and refill your shoe whenever you want.

4. Weight matters
By weight, we are referring to both you and your shoe. Lighter running shoes are always better as they will provide you with better stride. Also, the weight you should opt for also depends on how frequent and how fast you run. The faster you are, the lighter shoes you buy.

5. Do a test run
We know you must be thinking that it’s a stupid idea but when your knees and ankle howl for help then you’ll remember us mentioning this. And, there is no harm in doing so because all good brands allow you to take a test run, of course in their showroom and not somewhere out.
This will help you test everything that we have discussed above and you can spend your money right.

The terrain where you choose to run must match with your soles. 

6. Color of the sole says it all
You will generally find two colours in the sole – black and white. Black is carbon-based which is harder and is great if you run on the road. The white coloured sole is made from blown rubber which is more agile and soft, so if you have to run on a treadmill or on a padded track then you can opt for these.

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