6 Simple Things To Do In order To Start 2023 On A Positive Note

1. Be grateful

The year gone by has taught us many lessons and being grateful tops that list. If you have successfully made it through 2020, you already have many reasons to be grateful for. Take out some time and feel the gratitude for all the things that have happened in the past year.

2. Go for a mindful walk

The past year witnessed a rise in our dependence on technology. From official meetings to getting together with friends, everything went virtual. Due to this, we’ve spent the majority of the year staring into our screens. But, you need to give all those appliances a break. Go for a mindful walk that will help you relax. Moreover, doing this on the very first day of January will also give you a sense of responsibility towards your mental and physical health.

A walk in your park can help you set the right tone! 
3. Write a letter to yourself

Remember how we used to write letters to our future selves as children? Try doing the same as an adult! Write about your hopes,aspirations and fears and plans for the future. You can keep it somewhere safe and come back to it in the middle of the year. It can serve as a motivation and a reminder to make yourself a priority in 2021.

4. Take out ‘me days’

Choose one day each month to do what makes you happy. In fact, make it a part of your calendar. This will give you a breather from your busy life and some time for self-care.

5. Acts of kindness

Start the new year with a small act of kindness. Help those in need by donating clothes, or give someone a gift when they’re not expecting it. This will set a very positive tone for the new year and will also provide you with a sense of fulfilment.

6. Organize your things

If you want to bring in some positive changes this year, start with your environment. Declutter and get rid of the things that you no longer need. Organise your upcoming plans and try to have a rough plan for the year coming up. Decluttering your physical environment will help you think clearly and organising your plan will also eliminate anxiety.

So, ladies, a few doable things can help you make the next year a positive one!

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