6 Jumping Squats Mistakes You Should Be Watchful Of In 2023

1. Not maintaining adequate hip distance

Always remember to keep adequate hip width distance between your legs. This will help you develop better grip, when you will land on the floor.

2. Not engaging your core

Do you know that if you engage your core, then jumping squats can show some results there too? So, the next time you do jumping squats, don’t forget to keep your core engaged

3. Not breathing properly

If you get tired just after a few jumps, that means you lack stamina. The only way to overcome that is to inhale and exhale properly. Inhale, while you take a jump, and exhale while you land and squat. This will make all the difference!

4. You might be landing on your sole

You are simply torturing your muscles by landing on the floor with your sole. In fact, your knees are going to cry out loud, if you don’t change this habit. The best way to land is by keeping your toe first, followed by your ankle, after which you go into a squat position. This will put less impact on your knees.

5. You might be overdoing them

Doing exercises more than the required limit will only increase the chances of injury, and you will get muscle fatigue as well. If you are doing jumping squats, then 25 reps and five sets are good enough for you.

6. The surface on which you are doing the jumping squats is not right

Just ensure that the surface on which you are performing jumping squats is neither hard nor slippery. This can lead to severe injury and muscle spasm. See if you can find a place, where there is some kind of cushioning.

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