6 Exercises You Can Combine With Skipping To Shed Out Kilos(2023)

Here are some exercises I coupled with skipping
1. Squats

25 squats
100 skips

Bid adieu to cellulite and say hola to toned legs. 
2. Push-ups

20 push-ups (Go for basic push-ups)
100 skips

Don’t underestimate the power of push-ups when it comes to strong shoulders.

Take a one-minute break.

3. Half-crunches

25 half-crunches
100 skips

It’s time to strike the belly fat real hard.
4. Biceps curls

25 biceps curls, from each arm (pick a pair of 5 kilos dumbbell)
100 skips

Biceps curls is a great way to get super toned arms. 

Take a one-minute break.

5. Plank hold

A minute hold
100 skips

Ladies, make the most out of those core-strengthening planks.
6. Triceps dips

20 dips
100 skips

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