6 Best Ways Of Telling Someone You Just Want To Be Friends(2023)


1. “I really enjoy our time together as friends. I need you to know that I see you as a friend, but I don’t have romantic feelings for you.”

This statement reinforces the value of your connection and eases into the conversation, mitigating the abruptness of the revelation.

2. “You’re an important person in my life. I cherish our friendship, and that’s all I want it to be.”

This reassures them that your decision to remain friends doesn’t stem from a lack of appreciation or affection but rather clarity about your feelings.

3. “I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I feel that we are best as friends, not as romantic partners.”

By conveying that you’ve seriously contemplated the situation, it shows consideration for their feelings and the weight of the decision you’re communicating.

4. “It’s not about you; it’s about me and what I feel. I don’t have the same romantic feelings that you do.”

This shifts the focus to your feelings, making it less about their actions and more about your emotional state.

5. “I truly value our friendship, and I don’t want to risk losing it by entering into a romantic relationship.”

This statement conveys that you value the existing relationship enough to want to preserve it in its current form.

6. “I hope you understand; my feelings towards you are platonic. I see you more as a friend than a romantic partner.”

This is a straightforward, thoughtful way of setting boundaries and clarifying the type of relationship you’re comfortable with.

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