6 Behaviors Sigma Males Never Tolerate in a Relationship

Sigma males are the unique men in the manosphere. They approach life differently and see things from a unique perspective.


Often described as the lone wolf, sigma males find solace in solitude. They enjoy spending time alone because that’s the best way they recharge their creative energy.


Dating a sigma male is not as easy as it seems. Of course, they are romantic and know how to make a woman feel special, but they expect their partners to always respect their boundaries.


For instance, you can’t just visit a sigma male unannounced or distract him when he tries to meditate. These things make the lone wolves lose interest in a woman, regardless of how beautiful she looks.


This article will discuss the 6 Behaviors sigma males don’t tolerate in a relationship. Once a sigma male notices any of these behaviors, he will immediately lose interest in the relationship.



So, here are 6 behaviors sigma males don’t tolerate in relationships;


#1. Lies


Telling lies is a cankerworm that can eat into the flesh of any relationship. And once you start telling lies, the sigma males can never trust you again.


Now tell me, what is the essence of a relationship if you can’t trust your partner?


Generally, people tell little white lies once in a while. They may find an excuse not to chat with you on social media because they are tired. Well, this may not be a big deal for the sigma male.


However, when sigma males discover that the relationship with their partners has been based on lies, they may find it difficult to forgive such a partner.


It breaks a sigma male’s heart once he realizes that the person he loves isn’t who he thought she was.


When dating a sigma male, it’s better you hurt them with the truth than comfort them with lies.


Sigma male wants his partner to be 100% honest with him. He wants her to show her true self (both the good and the bad).


It doesn’t matter how much time you guys have been together or the bond you have created; once a sigma male realizes that you have been lying to him, he ends the relationship without a second thought.


#2. Ghosting


When in a committed relationship, ghosting is one of the behaviors sigma males don’t accept. Ghosting in this context means cutting off all contact with the sigma male without preempting him about it.


When in a committed relationship, sigma males find ghosting intolerable. They are focused people who live their lives according to their established own rules. So, they don’t want people who are unreliable in their lives.


Ghosting is utterly unacceptable to the sigma males. They believe that their partners have no justification for disappearing without explanation.


Sigma males prefer you tell them what’s going on in your life than disappearing without explanation.


When you ghost on the sigma males, it shows that you are immature and inconsiderate. And behavior like this hurt and confused the sigma males. That is why they don’t tolerate it.


#3. Emotional Blackmail


Emotional blackmail is one of the behaviors that irritate sigma males in a relationship. And they can’t tolerate it for any reason.


Emotional blackmail is a form of manipulation in which your partner tries to use your feelings to control your behavior or persuade you to see things their way.


Sigma males detest all forms of manipulations, including emotional blackmail. They approach their relationship with a rational mindset; that is why they can easily detect when their partners are trying to blackmail them emotionally.


Once a woman tries to use the sigma male’s weaknesses, secrets, and vulnerabilities against him, he immediately redefines the relationship and possibly ends things with her.


So, if your only strategy to convince the sigma male is to try to make them feel guilty or threaten to leave him, well, that is definitely a wrong strategy.


If you try emotional blackmail on the sigma male, he may end the relationship without a second thought.

Sigma males find emotional blackmail unhealthy and intolerable. The only way to convince the lone wolf to do something is to have a logical conversation with them.


But if you try to manipulate the sigma males, you will only make things difficult for yourself.


#4. Physical Abuse


Physical abuse is one thing the sigma males don’t tolerate in a relationship. Regardless of how much a sigma male loves his partner, he won’t hesitate to leave her if she abuses him physically.


Sigma males believe that if you love someone, you don’t hurt them intentionally. And the whole essence of being in a relationship is defeated when someone is physically abusing their partner.


Nothing in this world justifies any form of physical violence on your partner. So, if you try it on the sigma male, that is the end of the relationship.


#5. Cheating


Cheating is one of the behaviors sigma males so much hate in a relationship. Sigma males see cheating in a relationship as betrayals of their expectations of their partner.


Cheating happens in different ways. It could be physical intimacy, having sexual fantasies about someone else, having romantic feelings about someone else, secret social media activities, etc.


All these activities are a form of cheating, and sigma males don’t tolerate them in a relationship.


#6. Trying to Isolate Sigma Males from His Friends and Loved Ones


Sigma males always define their relationship. When in a relationship, they always establish boundaries that must not be crossed.


But if a woman tries to be too possessive and controlling, sigma males will walk from that relationship without a second thought.


Once a sigma male realizes that you are trying to separate them from their family and friends, his love or feelings for you will naturally die.


Which Behavior Do You Hate Most in a relationship? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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