6 Bedtime Stories For Tell Your Girlfriend In 2023

The 6 stories in this collection run the gamut from cute and fuzzy to sweep-her-off-her-feet romantic to laugh-out-loud funny.

We’ve gathered tales to appeal to every mood and whim, guaranteed to make bedtime the best time for connecting and unwinding with your leading lady.

Whether she’s in the mood for something silly or sweet, these short stories are designed to relax and delight before wishing her sweet dreams.

1. The Moon’s Matchmaking

Layla gazed up at the full moon as it cast a luminous glow across the rippling lake. Though miles stretched between them tonight, she knew her beloved Gabriel was looking at that same lunar body, feeling connected through its ethereal light.

“Soon, the distance won’t separate us, my love,” she whispered into the darkness.

She smiled, thinking of the way his eyes would twinkle under the moonlight once they were reunited. How his arms would envelop her in a tender embrace. How they’d kiss with a passion intensified by the weeks apart.

Layla pictured the moonlit picnic she planned to surprise Gabriel with upon his return. Hand in hand, they’d stroll along the lakeshore, the rocky sand sparkling under the moon’s brilliance. They’d sip wine and feast on cheeses and fruits while the peaceful waters gently lapped the shoreline.

Later, they’d sprawl out on soft blankets to stargaze. She’d point out the constellations she’d taught herself to recognize in his absence. He’d speak of the Southern Hemisphere’s stars he’d come to know. They’d find Jupiter together, marveling at its radiance.

Under the spell of luminous moonlight, they’d make up for lost time, stealing kisses and laughing together again until the eastern sky glowed with the faintest hint of dawn.

The moon’s magic sustained them until they could reunite under the stars once more. Just one more month, she reminded herself, gazing heavenward. The cratered orb above kept watch over them both, linking their hearts through land and sea divided their bodies.

2. Weathering the Storm

The rain hurled violently against the windows as angry thunderclouds rolled across the late evening sky. Inside the dark house, Evelyn and James sat on opposite ends of the couch, tense and silent after another painful argument.

Evelyn blinked back hot tears, and her arms crossed protectively around herself. James stared stoically ahead, jaw clenched, shoulders rigid. The rumbling storm echoed the turbulence simmering dangerously between them.

Evelyn studied a crack in the hardwood floor, eyes following its jagged path to avoid looking at her husband. She thought of the cutting words thrown like knives just minutes before. The mess in the kitchen still needed cleaning, she realized absently. And the kids’ lunches needed packing for tomorrow, their backpacks by the door. Life went on somehow, even when storms rocked relationships.

Slowly, hesitantly, James reached for her hand, resting clenched on the cushion between them. Evelyn recoiled defensively at first, then allowed him to take it, giving a gentle squeeze. His hand felt as comforting and familiar as ever.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I never should have said those things. I was angry, but that’s no excuse.”

Outside, the rain began to dissipate as the thunderclouds drifted on. And within, two hearts began mending as well. The painful storm had passed its fury. They turned towards each other.

3. Homecoming

Lena heard the key turning in the front door’s lock, and her heart leaped with joy. Max entered with his old familiar gait, dropping his heavy bags on the floor before embracing her.

“I missed you so much, Lena,” he murmured into her hair, still damp from the bubbly bath she’d drawn to surprise him.

“Oh, Max, I’m so glad you’re finally home,” she said, her voice muffled by his sturdy shoulder. She breathed in his scent – the mix of his woodsy cologne and faint cigarette smoke clinging to his jacket that at once comforted and exasperated her.

As they relaxed on the couch with takeout later, Lena sighed contentedly, legs draped over his lap and head nestled on his chest. Having him here filled the house with life again – his deep laughter rumbling through his body, his shoes and keys cluttering every surface, his sleepy form dozing by her side during their show, just like old times.

The next morning, she awoke to the smell of sizzling bacon and the sound of Max whistling cheerily in the kitchen. Together they lingered over pancakes at the little breakfast nook overlooking the bird feeder, chatting and reading the paper.

A sense of peace enveloped her soul. Her sanctuary was restored. For the first time in a year, this house felt like a home again, with her husband here to share both its space and her heart.

4. Through Bliss and Grief

They married in June, the height of summer, while dappled sunlight filtered through the ancient oak tree where they exchanged handwritten vows. Their future stretched before them, endless in its joyful possibilities.

That night they slow danced barefoot on the lawn while friends circled them with sparklers, writing love and hope against the dark sky. Their love floated effortlessly like the fluffy clouds dotting the blue skies.

Autumn brought unimaginable grief when she lost the pregnancy. They had just started telling close family, only to have their happy news turn into a heartbreaking loss. He held her trembling body as she wept tears of anguish, as if sheer force of will could bring their child back.

They built warmth as winter froze the land, taking comfort in quiet nights snuggled by the fire, arms entwined. Spring’s thaw mirrored their own gradual healing as they began making tentative plans again. Sitting together in the garden, they watched new buds push through the dark soil, reminding them life persevered through sorrow. Some seeds didn’t survive the changing seasons; some flourished still. And their shared loss only made their bond deeper.

5. My Anchor

The cancer diagnosis sent shockwaves through everything Claire thought she knew about her health, her body, and her future. She spent long nights anxiously researching possibilities online as she spiraled into the terrifying what-ifs. She barely slept or ate, consumed by worry over this new threat.

Gently, Zoe took her tense hands, grounding her to the present moment.

“Breathe. We’ll get through this. One step at a time,” she soothed. Her calm steadied Claire’s racing thoughts, her hopeful words lifting the anxiety threatening to drown Claire.

With Zoe’s sturdy presence during long nights in scratchy hospital beds, Claire found reserves of courage she didn’t know she possessed. Her pragmatic outlook remained Claire’s anchor in the swirling uncertainty.

Together, hand in hand, they navigated each challenge – chemo’s debilitating side effects, balding from the radiation, clinging fiercely to every sign of hope.

And Claire rediscovered that with her lifeline remaining steady by her side even on the darkest days, she could weather the fiercest storms. She didn’t have to face the unknown path alone.

6. Through the Years

On their first date, Henry picked Eva up in a borrowed car with a broken radio. As they drove aimlessly through the countryside for hours, they fell into an exhilarating conversation about art, dreams, and favorite flavors of ice cream.

Under starry skies, Henry worked up the nerve to kiss Eva for the first time and felt her smile against his lips. Her lipgloss tasted like strawberries.

Thirty years and two kids later, life had weathered them some – gray hairs, reading glasses, wrinkles that hadn’t been there before, pounds gained and lost again.

But that lively energy sparking between them remained. Now they meandered down wooded trails hand in hand instead of country backroads, still exploring together. At night, they danced slowly in the kitchen to old songs on the radio, her head nestled on his shoulder.And that familiar magnetic pull endured, drawing their lips together instinctively after all these years, kissing with the same passion as that very first kiss under the dazzling stars.

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