6 annoying types of women a man should never marry


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6 annoying types of women you should never marry

Hey guys. Today on relationship matters, we’ll be taking a look at the 6 types of women a man should never marry.

Love, they say is blind. However, we have eyes. I’ll advise you look well before falling in love and then you can be blind afterwards (lol).

Anyways, without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at the 6 annoying types of women you should never marry.


6 annoying types of women you should never marry

  1. The bitter women

There are so many who have gone through a lot and at such become frustrated. Though, some might have tried so hard to overcome the thoughts of their past but to no avail. You see the bitterness in them reflect when they act or speak. Getting married to these kinds of women is actually very risky. They will always complain and yell at little things that they can always let slide. Runaway from these women.


  1. The self-centred women

In other words, I’ll like to call them selfish women. Love is the opposite of selfishness. You can’t be selfish and love a person. In other words, there is no love attached to selfishness. So, if you happen to be with a woman who always thinks only about herself, always putting her self first etc don’t you dare marry her. A happy home will need a woman who is selfless and is ready to sacrifice a lot for the family.


  1. The materialistic women

This is one type of woman you shouldn’t marry for any reason. We all like material things, no doubt. However, getting obsessed with material things is a different ball game entirely. A woman that that only cares about clothes, bag, shoes, outings etc doesn’t deserve your hand in marriage. Any woman that should come into your life should be one who knows when to invest, save and spend. Be wise.


  1. The beauty without brain

Beauty alone does not make a woman. Many men who took this path are regretting today, while the others are either managing or pretending. There are lots of beautiful women out there who don’t deserve to be called a wife. Learn to see past the beauty and check out other qualities of your woman before getting married to her.


  1. The disrespectful women

I’ll also like to tag them “the mannerless women”. A woman that always disrespected you while you guys were dating cannot respect you after marriage. It’s easy to know if your girlfriend is respectful or not. Don’t ignore the signs. Though, if it’s not severe, you can talk to her to change and all that. Also, learn to look past how she treats you. Does she respect other people she doesn’t know? i.e strangers? Does she respect people older than herself? These are the major things you should be looking at. These little things will show whether you are going to be disrespected all through your marriage.


  1. The one who can’t cook

Well, if you think you can cope with this one, do well to marry such a woman. But how long will you be able to stay without eating homemade food from your wife? They are certainly the best. No eatery will do better than your wife. So, I’ll advise you also consider if she can cook or not before getting married to any woman.


Thanks guys, that is as much as we can take on the topic “6 annoying women you should never get married to”. Do well to leave your comment in the comment section below. Please, don’t forget to hit the share button.


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