5 Ways To Stay Fit Without Hitting The Gym(2023)

5 Alternative Ways To Stay Fit

1. Walking

According to experts, brisk walking is an efficient form of cardio exercise. The only thing you need to get started is a good pair of shoes. If you consistently walk for 20-30 minutes (at least five times a week), you will shortly see promising results. Unlike a brick and mortar gym, walking gives you the freedom to explore nearby places like parks and beaches. It allows you to rejuvenate and unwind while getting your daily dose of physical activity covered. Track your steps using apps, which can provide detailed insights into your health and wellness status.

2. Dancing

Bored of your regular workout routine? Switch things up by signing up for a dance class. Dance will help you burn unwanted calories and improve your body’s core strength. Yes, benefits of dance for fitness are too many! According to a study, if you dance continuously on eight songs or for approximately 30 minutes, your day’s exercise quota is fulfilled. Further, who doesn’t like grooving to the tunes of their favourite tracks? Dancing is your perfect answer to ‘how to stay fit’!

3. Build your workout

Don’t stick to a pre-planned schedule. It might not be the right fit and can be discouraging in the long run. Set a target for yourself. Once you are clear about what you wish to achieve, start putting together a list of exercises you enjoy doing. While doing so, be mindful! Make a holistic mix and don’t only include forms/styles that are easy because of their low intensity. A workout plan that suits you and is designed by you is easier to follow.

4. Engage in a sport

Remember the good old days, when you played cricket with your friends for hours together? As we grow up, the business of our lives keeps many people away from indulging in activities such as sports. Be it football or swimming – sports are not just fun, they are critical in keeping you fit. For those who dislike going to the gym, what better alternative than this?

Dance can be a very entertaining way to stay fit. 

5. Learn a musical instrument

Find it hard to believe? But yes, music can help you stay fit and healthy? According to research, playing an instrument like guitar can burn calories. If you join a marching band or start drumming, you will be burning a significant amount of energy. Additionally, the music is calming. It will help you reduce stress and anxiety too!

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