5 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Bully In 2023


As a parent if you recognize the signs of bullying or abuse. Here are some of the things that you can do.

1. Ask your child

If you are seeing some signs of your child not being their usual self, ask them directly about how are there peer relationships going and are there any episodes of bullying they may be subjected to. Understand that bullying is not of one type. It can be physical, verbal and emeotional. And bullying typically is much more than friendly teasing.

2. Be calm while hearing them out

Stay calm and composed while they open up. It is normal for you as a parent to also feel emotions of anger, helplessness and worry along with them. However, refrain from expressing those as an initial reaction. Give them the space to share, provide your comfort and support.

3. Equip them with emotional skills

Instill the assertiveness skills that your child would need to handle the episodes. Work with them on scripts for various ways in which they can respond to it. Using humour to disarm the situation, practicing through role plays different situations and maintaining a positive body language are ways in which you can empower your child to deal with bullying.

Facilitate open communication with your child. 

4. Have free flowing communication

Maintain your line of communication with them and check in regularly on how they are doing. Help them recognize their strengths to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Report it to the school

If the bullying continues to persist and becomes severe, reporting the school and taking appropriate steps to stop the bullying should be taken. When necessary, provide counseling support to your child to deal with psychological impact and skills to cope.

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