5 Ways To Boost Post-Workouts Muscle Recovery(2023)

5 ways to boost post-workout muscle recovery

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Due to the intense workout, your muscles get sore and inflamed which can be treated by some rest. Dr Bhalerao says, “Getting a sufficient amount of sleep can aid in quick muscle recovery post heavy workouts.” In fact, it can also improve your performance the next day. While not resting enough can increase the stress hormone cortisol, fatigue, and poor day-to-day performance. So, try to at least get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

2. Have protein after the workout

Workout recovery does not just mean lying on the bed, but it also involves keeping a check on your diet. “Having protein-rich food like nuts, eggs, or paneer can help you to repair the muscle damage and aid in faster recovery of sore muscles,” says Dr Bhalerao. You should consume protein both pre and post workout to help increase muscle strength and prevent muscle damage. But, remember not to go overboard on protein. Have it in the quantity recommended by an expert.

Proteins are vital nutrients for your overall health! 

3. Drink enough water

You can get dehydrated if you tend to exercise in hot or humid weather and it can make muscle recovery tough. For better recovery, stay hydrated before your workout, during your workout, post workout, and throughout the day. And if you’re dehydrated, it can interfere with your muscles’ ability to repair themselves. According to the American Council on Exercise, you should drink 250 ml of fluid 30 minutes after a workout and 450 ml to 700 ml of fluid for every pound (1 pound is 0.45 kg) you lose while exercising.

4. Massage

Incorporation of massage in the training routine after exercise on a daily basis can reduce muscle soreness because it helps to improve the blood circulation throughout the body, allowing you to fully relax. To get rid of muscle soreness, you can use a massage gun. Massage guns can help to increase blood circulation, can boost the healing process, improve flexibility, and relieve stress.

5. Hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy is helpful for proper muscle recovery. “A cold compress can help reduce swelling, pain, and muscle spasm, while, a hot compress can warm up and aid the recovery of fatigued muscles,” says Dr Bhalerao.

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