5 Ways Sigma Males Can Tell a Lot About a Person

One thing the sigma male does better than any other person is seeing through people. 


Even if a sigma male is meeting you for the first time, he can tell a lot about you at a glance. 


They have a way of telling a lot about someone’s personality and behavior. Here’s one thing you should know – generally, people are complicated. 


But because of the intuitive nature of the sigma males, they can easily assess a person’s true characters and motivations. 


The truth is, people often give a lot of information about themselves unconsciously. It takes someone with a unique mind like the sigma male to immediately spot this information. 


The lone wolves can tell a lot about a person from the little things they do. All they do is observe carefully, study your body language, and react to issues. 


Today’s article will discuss 5 ways sigma males can tell a lot about a person. 


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#1. A Person’s Body Language 


The sigma males can tell a lot about people from their body language. All they have to do is pay close attention to their posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures. 


Since our body language and non-verbal cues make up for about 65% of our communication, the sigma males’ ability to interpret people’s body language gives them an extra advantage in any situation. 


And because the sigma males understand people’s body language, it’s easy for them to control every conversation. 


They know when people are not comfortable with the topic of discussion, they know the conversation is becoming boring, and how to tell if somebody wants to be left alone. 


#2. The Way They Dress 


Sigma males can tell a lot about a person without even talking to them from the way they dress. 


For instance, people who always wear casual clothes are laid-back and easy-going people. Obviously, they prioritize their comfort over style and don’t try to impress other people. 


Furthermore, sigma males can easily spot a creative and artistic person from the way they dress. 


These people love to wear colorful dresses and fun patterns. And they want to express themselves through fashion. 


Similarly, people who wear floral prints and dresses convey a sense of femininity and grace. Lastly, people who like to wear active and sporty clothes are dependable and confident. 


So, if a sigma male is meeting you for the first time, he can easily tell a lot about you from the way you dress. 


He can tell if you are assertive, creative, or like taking life easily. 


#3. Their Choice of Music 


Most times, people’s choice of music says a lot about their personal identity. Ordinarily, this is something everybody should know. 


But it takes someone as insightful and intuitive as the sigma male to understand how people’s choice of music defines their personal identity. 


The truth about music is that people are generally attached to a particular genre of music. It could be based on their personal experience in the past, or the music reminds them of someone. 


Again, people tend to connect with music that helps them understand their inner self. And once a sigma male looks at someone’s playlist, it’s easy for him to tell a lot about that person’s inner world. 


For instance, if you love listening to Jazz, and Soul tends to be sensitive, poetic, passionate, and deep. 


But people who like Acoustic and Folk music are thoughtful and think faster. 


#4. The Way they Treat Strangers


Sigma males can tell a lot about people from how they treat strangers. For instance, if someone is so nice to the sigma male yet very rude to a waiter, that person is not nice. 


Sigma males will never judge your personality based on how you treat people with higher social status or who you can benefit from. 


But they will judge you based on how you treat people of lower status who don’t have anything to offer you in return for your kindness. 


Once you are rude to a stranger or a waiter, sigma males can easily tell that you are superficial and overprivileged. 


 The ” Waiter Rule ” is popular in the corporate setting to judge someone’s true personality is the “Waiter Rule.” 


The sigma male uses this rule to gauge how caring, considerate, and empathetic people genuinely are. 


#5. How They Make Eye Contact


Sigma males can tell a lot about someone by the way they make eye contact. How someone makes eye contact can reveal that they are paying attention and confident or nervous, uncomfortable, or distracted. 


So, when a sigma male is having a conversation with you, he can easily tell if you are shy, nervous, confident, or uninterested. 


For instance, if a sigma male is talking to a lady and her pupil suddenly dilated, he knows that lady has a crush on him. 


And when the lady blinks her eyes rapidly and excessively, it means she’s probably distressed. When her eyes are narrowed, it’s obvious that the person is either suspicious or feels threatened. 


How can you tell a lot about someone without even talking to them? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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