5 Types of Women Sigma males Can’t Date

To the sigma males, dating is nerve wracking. They don’t jump into relationships like most men do. 


Before the sigma male decides to be committed to a relationship, he takes his time to study the woman’s traits, her perspective about life, and self management. 


But generally, there are 5 types of women sigma males can’t date. 


It doesn’t matter how successful, intelligent, or beautiful these women are, once she falls into any of these 5 categories, the sigma males can’t date her. 


Without further ado, here are 5 types of women sigma males can’t date; 

#1. Emotional Dumpers 

Sigma males can’t date emotional dumpers. These women are self-centred and don’t care about other people. 


They are only in a relationship for one reason – to dump their emotional baggage on you. 


These women will narrate all the problems or challenges they are facing with you. They will complain about almost everything. 


They will complain about their boss, their clients, their enemies, their friends, their work, etc. 


And when you are dating an emotional dumper, you will have no choice but to listen to her endless complaints everyday. 


But the sigma males can’t take it. The lone wolves can’t date a woman who is in love with her self pity and mystery. 


Dating such a woman will trap you in her endless cycle of complaints and mystery. 


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#2. Women Who are Clingy 


Sigma males can’t stand clingy women. I mean, women who constantly call or message them. 


I understand that women can be clingy due to insecurities or past relationship experience. 


But damn it! A woman should be able to handle her insecurities or move on from a terrible relationship experience.


Any woman who is still battling with her past relationship is yet to heal. And sigma males won’t want to date someone like that. 


The problem with dating a clingy woman is that their romantic expectations are very high. Even though the sigma males are occasionally romantic, they don’t like being under pressure. 


Just imagine your partner angry with you for not being able to meet her expectations regarding romantic gestures. That won’t be funny at all. 


For this reason, sigma males won’t want to have any romantic relationship with clingy women. 

#3. The Extreme Perfectionists 

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be perfect. But being an extreme perfectionist could be a serious red flag in a relationship.


And the sigma males can’t date a woman with such traits. 


Extreme perfectionists often vacillate between two primary emotions – dread and relief. 


These women are difficult to please, always look for flaws, and want to be in control. 

#4. The Narcissists 


I know we have talked about Narcissists before. But I’m reiterating here that sigma males can’t date a narcissist. 


These women are dangerous, self-obsessed, judgmental, and selfish. 


Dating a Narcissist is emotionally and mentally draining. Regardless of what you are going through, a Narcissistic woman will never show a level of empathy. 


And the worst of it all is that they never admit that they are wrong or accept their mistakes. 

#5. The Toxic Communicator


There’s no way a sigma male can date a toxic communicator. Mhen! These women are something else. 


They will fight with you over the slightest things and end up telling you that they fight with you because they love you…


Really??? Does it mean that love is corrosive or toxic? Nevermind, that is a topic for another day. 


The sigma males know that toxic communicators can’t respect you in a relationship; they basically argue, counter-argue, and won’t give you space and opportunity to explain yourself. 


Have you dated any of these women in the past? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below; 


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