5 Tips To Move On After A Breakup In 2023

5 Tips To Move On After A Breakup

1. Let yourself grieve

Be real and face your pain. Dr Anand says, “Losing a person who may have been close to you can be very painful no matter what the circumstances. Each relationship goes through happy and sad times.” Processing your emotional state and accepting the turmoil is important to help to move on and start feeling better about yourself soon.

Do not indulge into bad habits. 

2. Don’t get into a new relationship

Don’t get tempted into jumping into a new relationship immediately. It seems very convenient to get into a new relationship without having to deal with the emotional baggage of the previous relationship. Take some time off for yourself and reevaluate your own needs. Cut off all communication both direct and indirect for the sake of your mental and physical health.

3. Follow a wellness routine

Post breakup, one might be swayed into eating comfort food or drinking alcohol or even stopping workouts, but these actually can cause more harm. Focus on your health and feel good about your body. This will give the confidence boost required.

4. Keep yourself fairly busy

Try to get a new hobby or get back to an older, forgotten hobby. Music helps soothe many souls. Try to learn how to play a musical instrument if possible. If in anguish then physical sports like kickboxing can help.

5. Talk what you’re feeling

Talk to family and close friends about how you are feeling. Try not distancing yourself from family or other close friends even though you fear being judged. You should be able to explain your point of view. Try to discuss more about feelings rather than the decisions made in the past. You can also write down your feelings. This process will liberate you to move on.

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