5 Tips To Keep Your EGO In Check In 2023

Here are five ways to keep your ego in check:
1. By Developing empathy

Recognising the efforts put in by others, and respecting their point of view can help in better outcomes. Sometimes, you should put yourself in other people’s shoes and see how the situation is.

Show empathy towards others. 
2. By developing a sense of gratitude

Of course, you won’t learn it in a day or two, but you have to start from somewhere. So, do this. Make a gratitude diary and every single day, write two things you are grateful for. It will make you realise how much we take for granted.

3. Handle criticism with a goal of self development

That’s where we lack the most. If this is sorted, then most of our things will be on track. Criticism is sometimes required, and can be a big motivator. Learn to take criticism without doubting yourself, and use it to improve the task at hand.

4. Learn to use time well

Self-development and time management can help with ego issues. Make sure to spend time wisely on positive things. Spend time in nature, it will make you realise how vast the earth is.

5. Be effort-oriented

Results are not always in our hands, but efforts always are. Put more focus into efforts. We cannot control everything in our lives.

So, before you step into another year, burst that bubble of ego and don’t let it come between you and your success.

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