5 Things You Must Never Allow to Control Your Life

Life is fun, interesting, and beautiful. Regardless of what you are currently facing, learn to see the beauty inherent in every experience. 


You may experience disappointment, things may fall apart, you may be heartbroken, but there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. 


Remember, life itself is short, and nobody can predict what will happen the next moment. So, don’t miss out on any opportunity to live life to its fullest. 


If you desire to live life in its fullest splendour and brilliance, here are 5 things you must never allow to control your life.


#1. Your Past 


There’s no way you can live a fulfilling life if you allow your PAST to control your PRESENT or your FUTURE. 


No matter what happened in the past, you must let it go. You are less likely to have a promising future if you don’t leave the pain of your past behind. 


If you fail to leave the darkness of your past behind, it tends to block the light of your bright future. 


Just know that the past is gone. And nothing can ever bring it back to life. 


It doesn’t matter what you experienced in the past; it doesn’t matter how badly you have been treated or hurt in the past. Reliving these events will only do you more harm than good. 


Even if someone betrayed you, someone was cruel towards you; someone broke your heart, the best way to win is to let go and move on. 


If you still carry the hatred from the past and live the victim story, those who hurt and mistreated you will win. 


But if you want to win, you must leave whatever event that happened in the past behind and focus on building your future right now. 


You can’t LIVE fully in this moment if you still relive the events of the past.


#2. Other People’s Opinion and Judgement 


Many people are not living the life of their dream just because they allow other people’s opinion and judgement to control their lives. 


If you always want to fit in and feel wanted, you may end up travelling down a path you don’t want to travel. 


Trying to please other people is a virus that you must avoid at all costs. So before you do anything, always ask yourself the question – Am I doing this thing because I want to do it or because of the fear of being judged by other people if I don’t?


The truth is, you don’t have to do anything to please people. You are unique, and you were born to stand out from the crowd. 


Anybody who can’t love you for WHO YOU ARE is not fit to be in your life. Never dim your light just to fit into the dull background of other people’s life. 


Trust me, anybody who sincerely cares about you will see the light and shine with you. 


#3. Your Limited Beliefs 


If you allow your limiting beliefs to control your life, you are less likely to achieve your dreams and aspirations. 


At all times, be conscious of your thoughts, and try to replace negative and limiting beliefs with positive thoughts. 


Spend time with positive people and stay away from naysayers. 


Try to notice your own limiting beliefs and shut them up. Let me say this – THERE is NOTHING you can not do, Nothing you can not have, and No one you can not become if you believe in yourself. 


IF you believe in yourself, there will be no impossibility in your dictionary. I mean it, if you believe in yourself, anything is POSSIBLE. 


Your potential in life will become unlimited if you change if you start believing in yourself. 


Just wait a minute…. 


Take a deep breath for 5 seconds, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1


Imagine what you could achieve in your life if you stop limiting your beliefs.


Your limiting beliefs are your inner enemy holding you back from achieving your dreams and aspirations.


Your life will change for good the moment you change your mindset and embrace life as it comes.  


#4. Relationships.

Don’t build your entire life around your relationship. If you allow your happiness and feeling of completeness to be centred around one person, you will be completely shattered when that person leaves you. 


You may also wallow in unhappiness if your relationship is toxic. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that relationships are bad. In fact, love remains the greatest force on earth. 


But I’m talking about people who build their entire life around their romantic relationships. Those who can be with anybody, including the wrong one, just to avoid being single. 


In a nutshell, you will always find happiness whether you are in a relationship or not. 


#5. Money 


It’s quite unfortunate that money controls most people in this world. Let’s get this right, we all need money; we want to be wealthy and super successful. And money is not evil; we all need it to survive. 


What I mean is never allow money to control your decision. If you make decisions based on the amount of money involved, you will always make the wrong decision. 


However, if you always follow your heart, do the right thing, and give people the best, then money will come. 


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