5 Things Only Sigma Males Can Do

Sigma males now dominate the manosphere. They represent everything a man should be – they are calm, focused, energetic, independent, and have a high level of self-confidence. 


They have a few friends and enjoy spending time alone. Sigma males have a different perception of life. And will always live their life outside the social dominance hierarchy. 


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Here are 5 things only sigma males can do; 


#1. Ability to Overcome Inner Critics 


We all have inner critics. They are the inner voices that judge, criticize, and demean us. When your inner critic is too active, it could affect your emotional well-being and self-esteem. 


There are instances when people with debilitating self-criticism seek help from therapists to change their thought patterns. 


However, sigma males are mentally strong, and they know how to filter out inner voices and use them to their advantage. 


Whenever the sigma male’s inner self is steering down a negative path, he will immediately take a break, analyze the situation and try to change his thought patterns. 


Even if a sigma male fails on a particular project, he never allows his inner critic to steer down the path of negativity. He always reminds himself that failure doesn’t define who he is as a person. 


And sigma males are always outstanding in every area of their endeavor because they see trips and stumbles as excellent opportunities for learning, growth, and improvement. 


#2. They Practice Realistic Optimism 


There’s a difference between optimism and realistic optimism. According to Heidi G. Halvorson, a social psychologist, “realistic optimists believe that they can be successful, but they also understand that they have to make success happen through planning, making effort, persistence, and choosing the right strategy. 


Sigma males are realistic optimists. They know they can be successful if they make an effort to achieve their goals. They don’t believe in sitting down and waiting for manners to fall from even. 

To a sigma male, good luck means opportunity meets preparation. That is why they are prepared at all times. 


However, unrealistic optimists believe that success will happen to them without experiencing challenges or any form of obstacles. 


To a sigma male, such positive thinking is impractical and could make people develop a very shallow mindset. 


At all times, sigma males see situations and experiences for what they are and they always have realistic views of themselves and their abilities. 


That explains why sigma males always see things differently from other people. They are rational and realistic. And they don’t allow emotions to cloud their sense of rational judgment. 


#3. Sigma Males Never Compare Themselves to Others 


Sigma males are always content with who they are. They don’t compare themselves with other people or wish they were someone else. 


The lone wolves understand that comparing themselves to other people in a negative way can put them down and affect their self-esteem. 


Sigma males would rather surround themselves with like-minded people who see things differently. 


They will create their path and follow it consciously to achieve their personal goals, ambitions, and dreams. 


In a nutshell, sigma males give success their own definition. And because they always stick to their plans, sigmas often find happiness within themselves and in their lives. 


#4. They Aren’t Afraid to Say NO


Regardless of who you are and what you are to the sigma male, he is never afraid to say No. 


Even if a sigma male’s boss asks him to handle a difficult project alone during the last minute, if it’s impossible, he won’t hesitate to say NO. 


Sigma males are not afraid to say no because they know their worth and their boundaries. They don’t live their life to please anybody and once something is not convenient for them, the sigma males reject it immediately. 


#5. They Always Face Their Fears 


There’s one thing most people don’t know about the sigma males – they have fears. Like every other man in the manosphere, sigma males have fears. 


But they don’t run away from their fears; instead, they embrace them. Most times, sigma males see their fears as opportunities to get out of their personal comfort zone. 


Because sigma males always push themselves to stretch their limits and expand their experiences, they tend to explore their potential abilities. 


Most times, sigma males take part in new activities and experiences, this helps their brain to develop and grow, thus keeping it healthy. 


To a sigma male, the most amazing experience that life has to offer is often on the other side where your destructible fears stand. 


In a nutshell, sigma males are mentally strong and have a high level of emotional control because they consistently practice and learn new things. 


Which of these things can you relate to? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section. 


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