5 Surprising Things Sigma Males Find Unattractive

Sigma males don’t think like other men. They think differently and see things from a unique perspective. 


But there are certain things the sigma males find really unattractive. The more you do these things, the more the sigma males stay away from you. 


Today’s article will talk about the five things sigma males find unattractive. 


#1. Trying to Persuade Them Even When They are Not Interested


Sigma males are not people pleasers. And when they aren’t interested in something, they make it very clear. 


However, it really irritates the sigma males, when you try to persuade and convince them after telling you they aren’t interested. 


Sigma males don’t do things because everybody else is doing it or because it’s fun. 


They only do things that they are comfortable with and are consistent with their values. 


So, once they say NO. They mean it. You don’t need to convince them because it will be a complete waste of time. 

#2. The Telepathy Tax

Sigma males find it annoying when their partner can’t communicate their needs or desires. And they frown at it when their partner is angry because sigma males couldn’t anticipate and fulfill their unspoken needs and desires. 


The lone wolves believe in communication. But if you expect him to read your thoughts and anticipate your unspoken needs, then you may be wasting your time. 


In fact, sigma males find women with this attitude unattractive and annoying. 

#3. People Who Do Things for Clout  

Sigma males seriously find people who do things  for clout irritating and unattractive. These people don’t care about anybody and sometimes, they are not genuine in their actions. 


But when they need something from you, they approach with fake smiles and fake friendship. 


Funny enough, the lone wolves know these people and their real intentions. So, he stays away from these people as they are only concerned about themselves. 


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#4. Negativity

Sigma males don’t like associating themselves with negative people. 


It doesn’t matter how much they like you, once you start being negative or pessimistic, they immediately stay away from you. 


The lone wolves believe that negativity is contagious. Once you surround yourself with negative people, you tend to become negative and insecure over time. 


Generally, the sigma males find positive and self-confident people really attractive. 


#5. Narcissism

Sigma males can never find a Narcissist attractive. 


Even if the Narcissist is the most intelligent person in the world or they are the beautiful people left on earth, sigma males can’t find them attractive. 


These people have an inflated sense of self-importance.


They always boast about their accomplishments, they don’t listen to other people, and believe they are better than anyone else. 


Dating Narcissists or being friend with them is suicidal. 


And one dangerous thing about Narcissists is that when they can no longer control you, they will try to control how other people see you. 


They will spread all sorts of lies about you. 


But the sigma males don’t give a damn about the Narcissists or the lies they spread.  


Of course, the misinformation may feel unfair, but the sigma males stay above them. They know that other people will eventually see the truth like they saw it. 


No matter what happens, the sigma males avoid narcissistic love. This type of love is riding on a rollercoaster  of disaster filled with a heart full of tears. 

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