5 Silly Questions Sigma Males Don’t Ask

Most times, it’s easy to assess a person’s smartness and thoughtfulness from the type of questions they ask.


Sigma males understand this fact, and that is why they are always conscious of the questions they ask when in an environment.


Don’t forget, sigma males don’t give a damn about what people think of them. But they don’t want to appear stupid either.


The lone wolves will never ask a question that makes people feel awkward and uncomfortable.


Of course, the sigma males have a high level of self awareness, so they don’t talk before they think. Instead, they think creatively before they speak.


In today’s article, we will discuss the 5 silly questions sigma males never ask.



It’s easy to spot a beta or omega male in a group. Do you know why? They always ask questions that make them appear stupid and uncreative.


These people just want to impress people without paying attention to the things they say.


That’s why sigma males always outshine them in every situation.


Even though the lone wolf is not in competition with omega, beta, and alpha males, the sigma males’ thoughtfulness and intuitive tendency make them the center of attention in any group.


They are like goldfish in a bowl. Remember, there is no hiding place for the goldfish.


Here are 5 silly questions sigma males don’t ask;


#1. Don’t You Think We Should……??


Don’t you think we should do this instead of that? or don’t you think we should visit shop A instead of B?


Sigma males never ask these types of questions. Do you know why? It’s because these types of questions are closed-ended and don’t allow other people to give their thoughts and inputs.


It’s a way of assuming that your idea is perfect and wants every other person to agree and nod along with it.


Because the sigma males are thoughtful and intuitive, they understand the implications of such questions. So, they never phrase their questions that way.


They would rather ask their questions in a way that other people can discuss, contribute and come up with possible solutions to a problem.


#2. Why Aren’t You…….???


This is another type of question the sigma males don’t ask. Asking someone a question like why aren’t you in college?  Why aren’t you in a relationship? Why aren’t you reading? ,etc. creates a lot of questions.


They make the person you are asking to be uncomfortable, offended, and sometimes defensive.


Sigma males understand the psychology of human behavior.


They know that asking these types of questions make other people feel like they aren’t following the same timeline as everyone else.


And people often see these types of questions as judgmental, patronizing, and insulting.


Sigma males understand that people are different and they tend to do things differently.


They know that people come from different backgrounds, have different circumstances. Priorities, and preferences.


So, it’s natural for them to have a different timeline. Therefore, it’s wrong and judgmental to ask someone these types of questions.


#3. Why Are Your Eyebags So Big?


Generally, sigma males are very sensitive and empathetic. And they will never ask questions related to someone’s appearance.


The lone wolves don’t give damn whether someone is obese, ugly, has big eyes, etc. And they will never ask them why they are appearing the way they are.


They know that someone’s physical appearance is a sensitive topic to dabble into.


Questions and comments regarding someone’s appearance are insensitive and can make the person feel terrible about themselves.


It doesn’t matter whether your intention is genuine or you are concerned about their wellbeing.


Asking questions like these are sensitive. The truth is, you don’t really know what they are going through.


And asking sensitive questions about their appearance could worsen things for them.


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#4. What Can I Give to This Person?


People often ask themselves this question whenever they like someone. Sigma males never ask themselves these questions because it brings about self-doubt.


It makes someone start thinking whether they are worthy of friendship or in love with someone else.


So, when sigma males like someone, they don’t ponder so much about what to give that person. They follow their instincts and give that person whatever gift they feel like giving.


The lone wolves understand friendship and relationships are not like a business agreement. You don’t have to calculate what you give or take from each other.


You don’t have to spend productive time pondering on how you can get someone’s attention or affection.


Sigma males understand that being in a relationship or friendship with someone goes beyond the job, the looks, or even the money.


What really counts are your individual qualities and quirks, these are what make up your personality.


Once you are yourself around people, they will definitely appreciate and love you for who you truly are.


#5. Shouldn’t You Know What I Need and Want?


This is the dumbest question anybody can ask. It doesn’t matter whether the person is your friend or partner, this question just doesn’t make sense.


Even if you have known someone one for so long, you can’t just assume that they know what you need or want.


Sigma males understand this fact, and they don’t ask such a dumb question.


Sigma males would rather communicate their needs than assuming that people already know them.


Has someone asked you any of these questions before? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.








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