5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Making You Depressed(2023)

When your once joyful union constantly weighs you down, it’s time to assess.

Here are 5 potent signs that your marriage may be contributing to feelings of depression.

1. Constant Criticism and Negative Talk

If you or your spouse engage in constant criticism and negative talk, it can be a sign of a troubled relationship that is causing depression. This can manifest as continually finding fault in each other or expressing frustration often.

These negative exchanges can deplete self-esteem, erode trust, and leave you feeling drained and low. It’s crucial to recognize this pattern as it may be a warning sign of a toxic environment.

2. Indifference Towards Each Other’s Feelings

Indifference or apathy towards your spouse’s feelings and vice versa leads to a deteriorating relationship, possibly causing depression.

If you feel your spouse doesn’t care about your emotions or if you’re unconcerned about their feelings, it suggests a severe emotional disconnect. This indifference can breed loneliness and result in feelings of sadness, further leading to depression.

3. Avoidance of Communication and Emotional Sharing

Communication forms the bedrock of any relationship. But when you find yourself or your spouse avoiding communication and emotional sharing, it may point to an unhappy marriage.

Regularly shying away from discussing feelings, dreams, fears, or day-to-day happenings implies a lack of emotional intimacy. Not only can this lead to a significant rift between partners, but such avoidance can also create a sense of isolation, fostering feelings of loneliness and sadness.

4. Frequent Arguments and Disagreements

Regular, unresolved disputes indicate that your partnership might be contributing to despair. Frequent arguments on trivial matters or disagreements that spiral into larger issues create a tense atmosphere.

This ongoing tension can disrupt emotional balance, leading to prolonged periods of stress. Remember, it’s not about never disagreeing; it’s about how conflicts are managed.

5. Lack of Affection and Intimacy

When there is a significant drop in affection or physical intimacy, it can indicate your marriage is making you depressed.

Affection and intimacy form a vital part of marital bonds, helping maintain an emotional connection. A sudden decrease or absence can leave one feeling rejected or unloved, fostering depressive symptoms.

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