5 Signs Sigma Males Are Not Compatible With a Woman

High value men like the sigma males don’t believe in love at first sight. 


They are not like other low value men who will believe they have found their soulmate (If there’s anything like that), just because they feel intense chemistry. 


But the lone wolves understand the fact that attraction is not enough for a meaningful relationship. 


For any relationship or couples to stand the test of time, they need to develop a deeper connection. 


And this deep connection is called Compatibility. 


Sometimes, people confuse chemistry for compatibility. But the two terms are different. 


While chemistry may get the relationship started, compatibility will keep it going. And of course, shared values and vision will make the relationship last. 


So, here are 5 signs the sigma males are not compatible with a woman; 


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#1. Unclear Future

Once the lone wolves’ aren’t certain about their future with a woman, it’s obvious that they aren’t compatible. 


They may cuddle and have fun with these women. In fact, they may enjoy their jokes, and spend quality time with them. 


While there may be chemistry in the relationship, the sigma male may not want to spend the rest of his life with her. 


Perhaps, it could be that their lifestyle is just two different and they don’t agree on a lot of issues. 


#2. They Don’t Share the Same Values 

Sigma males hold their values tenaciously. Regardless of the intensity of the chemistry the sigma males feel, they don’t compromise their values. 


When the sigma male is not truly compatible with a woman, there will always be differences of opinion when it comes to issues of politics, religion, parenting style, etc. 


Some people may want to overlook some of these critical issues. But sigma males won’t overlook them. 


They are realistic. And they know that it’s almost impossible to date someone who they don’t share the same values and beliefs with. 


#3. They Have Different Interests, Ideas, and Opinions 

This is a major red flag for any relationship. For instance, the sigma males enjoy their time alone. 


They don’t like too much noise, and enjoy reading. 


During the weekends, the sigma males may want to spend a few hours alone to carry out a mental review of how their week went. 


But if they are dating a woman who likes playing nice music, talks non stop, and watching movies. 


That relationship may become boring over time because they won’t be enjoying each other’s company. 


And in the end, they will have a serious problem deciding how to spend their time together. 


#4. Different Intellectual Levels 

Intellectual level is one of the most obvious signs that sigma males are not compatible with a woman. 


Regardless of the chemistry, once the intellectual levels are different, the relationship may have serious issues in the future. 


They will have different mindsets, see things differently, and disagree over trivial issues. 


Unfortunately, sigma males don’t like stress. And once they realize that their woman doesn’t understand them or see things from their perspective, they quietly walk out of the relationship. 


They believe that it’s better to be single than to be with someone who will make your life a living hell. 

#5. Unmatched Sex Drives 

Sigma males can’t stay in a relationship when they have unmatched sex drives with their partner. 


They know how frustrating it can be when a partner is unable to match the sex drives of the other. 


It could make one partner’s intimacy need not be met. And make the other partner feel pressure to meet those needs. 


Are you compatible with your woman? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below; 


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