5 Recommended Exercises For Women During Their Periods(2023)

Exercises women can do during periods

When women are menstruating, a lot of them totally skip exercising during periods. But doing no workout for five days is also not the right thing to do.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Light walk

Walking in the park or streets with the exposure to sunlight can be great to help your body and muscles open up and relax without even hampering your menstrual cycle.

You can go for a light walk during periods.

2. Pilates

Whether it’s your first day of period or last, you can do Pilates during your periods. It helps in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation like cramping, abdominal pain and fatigue, says Nair.

3. Gentle yoga

You can start with light yoga forms, as these will bring a positive reinforcement and also relax your body.

4. Light aerobics

Practicing light aerobic exercises reduces PMS symptoms. The mood swings and discomfort might get relief by light cardio.

5. Low-volume strength training and power-based activities

They help to release endorphins, that’s your happy hormones, which will eventually alleviate your mood swings.

So, pick the right exercises during periods to tap into your endorphins and combat painful periods and decrease PMS symptoms.

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