5 Reasons Sigma Males Leave The One They Love

Being in love is arguably the most amazing feeling in the world. And this is not different for the sigma males. 


But like you already know, while in a relationship, the sigma males prioritize rational thinking over emotion. 


So, even though the sigma male and his partner are seriously in love, they may not stick around. 


The lone wolves can be in a relationship with someone they so much love and still wind up leaving you. 


To an average man, the feeling of leaving the person you love can be painful and heartbroken. 


But the sigma males always look at the bigger picture in every decision they make. Of course, they may feel hurt, they may be heartbroken, and sometimes, feel bad. 


However, they never allow emotions to cloud their sense of good judgment. And that is why they remain the most amazing men in the manosphere. 


This video discusses the 5 reasons Sigma Males leave the one they love. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to help me grow this channel. 


#1. When There’s no Mutual Respect

Respect means a lot to the sigma males when they are in a relationship. They see it as the foundation of any kind of relationship. 


The sigma male may love a woman, but he won’t allow himself to be in a relationship that didn’t have mutual respect. 


Regardless of how you see it, the sigma males always prioritize their self esteem and dignity. 


And when their partner isn’t sensitive about these things, it becomes necessary for the lone wolves to exit such a relationship. 

#2. They Are Not Ready to Be Vulnerable 

It takes a special connection for the sigma males to be vulnerable to their partner. The sigma male partner may be open and tell him about all the things happening in her life. 


But sometimes, the sigma male can’t reciprocate this gesture. Once the emotional support is one-sided, the sigma male won’t be happy about it.

The sigma male won’t want his partner to feel slighted or cheated just because he refuses to be vulnerable or open up. 


So, instead of allowing her to feel heartbroken, the lone wolves may choose to leave the relationship. 

#3. There is No Physical Intimacy 

Lack of physical intimacy could make the sigma male leave the one he loves. The sigma male may still love and care for his partner but don’t find them attractive anymore. 


Physical intimacy goes beyond sex. And it’s part of the glues that hold a relationship together. 


The Sigma Males value non-sexual physical intimacy in a relationship because it promotes long term happiness. 


The first step towards a loss of emotional intimacy is lack of physical intimacy. And when it’s no longer in the relationship, the sigma male will be tempted to look for it somewhere else. 


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#4. When Their Partner Feels Insecure 

Believe it or not, sigma males aren’t comfortable dating insecure partners. They make things really difficult for the lone wolves. 


It doesn’t matter how much the sigma male loves his partner, once he realizes that she is insecure, he leaves the relationship without notice. 


The danger of dating an insecure partner is that they make it your job to boost their self-esteem. 


And over time, this could be a serious issue and a possible source of tension in the relationship. 

#5. When Their Partners Don’t Understand Them

One of the greatest challenges sigma males face in modern society is that most people don’t understand them. 


And to understand the sigma males’ perspective about a particular issue, you need to listen to him carefully. 


But it’s quite unfortunate that most women don’t have the patience to listen and reflect on what the lone wolves are saying. 


They misunderstand him and most times make things more difficult for the lone wolf. 


Once the sigma male experiences this in a relationship, he quietly leaves without explanation. 


Have you left the one you love in the past? If Yes, why did you leave her?

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