5 Precautions You Should Abide To In The Gym(2023)


1. I take my own floor mat to the gym
Floor mats are a hotbed of germs and I ensure that I don’t use the common mats available for everyone at the gym. Although they are sanitized, I don’t want to take a chance in the season of COVID-19.

2. I use a disinfectant for my gym gloves
While I can’t avoid using gloves at the gym while lifting weights, I ensure that I sanitize them regularly. Here’s how I go about it: I dilute a liquid disinfectant (like Dettol) with water, and store it in a spray bottle. After every gym session, I spray this solution generously on my gloves and keep them in the sun for effective termination of any germs.

3. I always carry a hand sanitizer with me
You can always find a hand sanitizer in my gym bag. I use it to sanitize my hands properly before wearing my workout gloves. And if I am doing floor exercises or using equipment without my gloves, I ensure I sanitize my hands two to three times while working out.

Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy to arm yourself against coronavirus. 

4. I always take a bath after hitting the gym
Not only is this hygienic even when coronavirus is not in the picture, in the current situation it ensures that I don’t carry any bugs with me from the gym to my home.

5. I avoid touching my face and nasal area again and again
With almost all doctors and health organisations advising this as a way to prevent a coronavirus infection, this also keeps skin allergies at bay. I always carry a hand towel with me and ensure that I don’t touch any equipment with it. After each use, I wash it properly.

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