5 Prana Vayus That May Likely Affect Your Digestion(2023)

These 5 Prana Vayus may also affect your digestion:

1. Prana Vayu:

Prana Vayu stands for life-force that helps regulate the doshas and aid digestion. Prana is the breath but also food, thoughts, visual impacts, it is everything we take in. How mindful are we with what we let into our system.

2. Apana Vayu

It is the energy which we release and give back to the earth. Are we ready to let go? Are we holding tight on to something? In order to release poop easily, we need to trust and relax our hip muscles.

3. Samana-Vayu

It is the energy in the belly also known as the fire in the belly in Ayurveda. Nourish this fire wisely. You should eat your food neither burnt nor half cooked.

Consider this as a sign to prioritize healthy eating. 

4. Udana-Vayu

This stands for the rising and the uplifting energy. If you feel uplifted after a meal, you know you are on the right track. In case your food makes you tired, heavy and lethargic, then your body is telling you to change the diet plan.

5. Vyana-Vayu

The energy which moves from the center into the periphery is called Vyana Vayu. It is the energy which brings us back into action. Do you love what you do? Does it make you truly happy? Then your Vyana Vayu is on the right track.

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