5 Phrases High-Value Sigma Males Don’t Use

The lone wolves are very sensitive, logical, and mature when dealing with people. 


Sigma males are particularly conscious of how they react in different situations and environments.


They see life from a completely different perspective and see the bright side of everything. 


In today’s article, you will learn the 5 phrases high-value sigma males Don’t use. 


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#1. But I Don’t Feel Like It 


Sigma males are careful of what they say at every moment. Because they are sensitive, they understand the hidden meaning behind every statement you make. 


People often use this phrase when they have tasks that need to be done and they don’t want to do them. 


It gives the impression that these people are avoiding their responsibility. And if it was in an office environment, it won’t give a good impression about you to your boss or immediate supervisor. 


Of course, you can get bored or tired by the tasks in front of you at some point. But it’s always better to finish these tasks immediately so that you can do the things you want to do without distraction. 

#2. Shut Up! 

Telling someone to “Shut Up!” is one of the phrases the high-value sigma males don’t use. They would rather have an intellectually stimulating or rational conversation with someone than be emotional. 


Telling someone “shut up” in the middle of a conversation indicates a lack of emotional maturity. 


If the discussion is becoming to irritate the sigma male, he would rather use a more subtle phrase like “could you please be quiet?” or calmly walks away. 


As I mentioned earlier, the sigma males are always in control of their emotions. So, regardless of how angry they are, the lone wolves never say the phrase “shut up.” 

It’s not only disrespectful but also makes the sigma male appear weak. 

#3. You are Not my Mom

Generally, sigma males don’t like working with someone that’s too controlling or bossy. But they won’t use the phrase “you are not my mom.”


When sigma males want to address the controlling or bossy behavior of someone, they will address it directly without using this phrase. 


For instance, if you sound too controlling or bossy, the lone wolf will tell you that he doesn’t like what you are doing. 


But he won’t compare you to his parents or use any other offensive language. 

#4. Whatever

Someone as sensitive as the sigma male will never use the phrase Whatever. It’s not cool and basically writes off what has been said during a conversation. 


It’s a phrase commonly used by emotionally immature people. Instead of admitting that they are wrong or apologizing for their wrongdoing, they use this phrase. 


When you use this phrase, you give the impression that you are childish and lack self-confidence. 

#5. Why Can’t You Do it


“Why can’t you do it?” is one of high-value phrases sigma males don’t use. Using this phrase gives people the impression that you are lazy and always avoid work. 


Do you use any of these phrases? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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