5 Naturally-Pink Foods Are Super Healthy And Immunity-Boosting(2023)

1. Beetroot juice
We’ve all eaten beetroots in salads, or sometimes smoothies, but this humble veggie can be used for a lot more! This food is a little darker than millennial pink but contains high levels of folate and lycopene, as well as anthocyanins. Folate helps to make red and white blood cells, and converts carbohydrates into energy. In fact, it is particularly helpful for pregnant mothers to prevent their child from birth defects.

Moreover, beetroots also shield your body from infections, and strengthen your body’s defence mechanism.

You are one shot away from weight loss with beet root juice. 

2. Watermelon
This summer favourite is one of the most popular pinkish-red foods! Whether you want to juice it up, eat it in a salad, or just enjoy the fruit—the choice is all yours. It has a high concentration of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that can help to lower your blood pressure, improve skin texture, enhance heart health, and even fight inflammation in the body.

3. Raspberries
This fruit not just looks picture perfect, but also offers great benefits. To begin with, they are low on the glycemic index, and also contain high fibre. Both these qualities make this food a weight loss favourite. At the same time, not OD-ing on sugar will also help you keep your energy levels in check. The fibre in raspberries will also help with digestion.

4. Dragon fruit
One of the most popular millennial pink foods, dragon fruit is absolutely Instagrammable, and that’s why you will find it everywhere on social media. But it’s not just pretty, it also packs a punch with the host of benefits it offers. Yes, the fruit has high quantities of vitamin B, C, and fibre, which make it a worthy addition to your diet.

Fibre is a great way to stay healthy. 

5. Pomelo
Want to shield your body from common cold, flu and all kinds of viruses? Then it’s time to add pomelo—a type of grapefruit—to your diet. Loaded with vitamin C, this millennial pink food is not just good for your immune system, but also helps to slow down ageing. It also contains pectin that helps to reduce cholesterol, and is also good for the gut!

So ladies, add this perfectly Instagram-worthy fruits and veggies to your diet, and enjoy its benefits!

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