5 Muscles To Work On Before Trying Pool Dancing(2023)


More than just a fad, pole dancing is a fab way to gain muscle. Yes ladies, it is more than dancing with a pole. It brings a lot to the table. And if you are opting for pole dancing or pole exercising to get back in shape, you need to make these 5 muscles really strong to get the best out of it.

1. Arms and shoulders

Pole dancing is primarily an upper body workout, despite its benefits for other parts of your body. Most moves with pole dancing require you to use your arms and shoulders strength to maneuver on the pole. Most pole dance instructors will encourage you to build your arm strength straight away.

2. Core muscles

The core muscles also play a very important role in pole dancing, particularly during inverted (upside down) moves. This is especially true when the exit or transition from the move involves reversing the inversion in what is essentially a reverse crunch. This is because the forces of gravity act as resistance during such moves. That’s why you need to work on your core muscles before trying pole exercise.

3. Back muscles

Pole fitness requires you to develop your back muscles. In fact, strong back muscles can help promote correct posture as well.

To avoid back injury with pole exercise, make efforts to strengthen it.
4. Leg muscles

Pole dancing works your upper body, core plus your legs. Lower body strength is required because pole exercise moves require primarily leg strength to hold yourself on the pole. That’s why you need to work on your leg muscles as well.

5. Thigh muscles

Last but not the least, thighs, which include the hamstring, glutes and quads muscles! The continuous striking motions of pole dancing work the muscles in your thighs. To avoid possible injuries, your thighs need to be strong.

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