5 Most Common Stretching Mistakes(2023)

Here are the most common stretching mistakes to avoid

Be wary of the following mistakes and relieve yourself of stiffness and soreness in your joints and muscle:

1. Skipping warm-up before stretching

A warm-up such as on-the-spot jogging before stretching can help elevate body temperature and increase blood flow. This will let you segway into the stretching routine that increases flexibility in the muscles, promotes a range of motion in the joints and reduces the risk of injuries.

Warm up before stretching to open your tight muscles. 
2. Overstretching the muscles

If your legs feel heavy and tired, it could be indicating the need for some stretching. However, if you’re sweating or breathing heavily while stretching, then it means that you have overstretched your muscles. This could result in muscular strain and injuries. The trick is to not let yourself experience pain and not stretch beyond your comfort level.

3. Stretching injured muscles

If you are suffering from injured muscles, then avoid stretching till the impacted area has healed. In case you don’t do that, it could aggravate the situation as tendons and tissue could break.

4. Using incorrect stretching techniques

Incorrect form and posture while stretching can lead to injuries. Another important factor is to choose the right stretch for the muscle group you wish to target.

5. Static stretches

Stretching a muscle for long durations will increase its elasticity. This means that muscles will have less recoil and responsiveness, making them weak before a workout.

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