5 Male Personality Types – Which One Are You?

Every man is unique. They have their personality traits that define their action. And these personality traits help us to understand the true nature of every man and why he behaves in a particular way. 


So, here are 5 Male Personality Types you should know. Any man in your life belongs to either of these personalities. 


#1. The Alpha Male  


The Alpha male is one of the most common male personalities. Alpha males are confident, outgoing, charismatic, and always want to exercise dominion over other people. 


An Alpha Male is best described as someone who loves to take charge and impose his will on others. 


Most men aspire to be Alpha male and women wants to be with him. Regardless of the situation on ground, an Alpha male unquestionably take charge and intimidates. 


Of course, an Alpha male doesn’t care what other people think. He’s loud and brash. People admire the fact that Alpha males are not easily intimated. They say want they want, do what they want, and wear want they want. 


However, Alpha male loves wearing roomy trousers that can accommodate his large gonads. 


Oh! I forget to mention; Alpha males love bullying people. Do you know those guys who enjoy bullying the weaker ones in high school? They are Alpha Males. They derived sexual satisfaction from intimidating and bullying others. 


Alpha male is very demanding and sometimes described as being sexist! Being a sexist doesn’t mean that Alpha males objectify women. But he believes he can get any woman he wants. 


It’s quite difficult to work with an Alpha male because his ego tends to skyrocket whenever you prove him wrong. And he doesn’t like his ego to be bruised, especially if he’s your boss.

According to experts, Alpha males are very desirable, and most women who cheat on their partners cheat with an alpha male. 


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#2. Beta Male Personality 


The Beta Male is one of the unique personality types. He’s very submissive, friendly, loyal, and reserved. Most Mr. “Nice guy” you see out there are Beta Male. 


His approach to life is moderate, and he has a likeable personality because he’s nice. However, people tend to take him for granted now and then. 


Compared to an Alpha male, Beta males are more sensitive, more grounded, and less aggressive. They are great team players and open to criticism. They are a bit introverted and reserved. 


Wait a moment!!! Do you know those guys who were really quiet and a bit nerdy during high school? Well, they are Beta males. 


In a nutshell, Beta males are light-hearted emotional guys. And women prefer Beta Males to Alpha males as life partners. That’s because they are kind and loyal. 


But most times, women tend to cheat on Beta males with their Alpha counterparts. That is the reality. 


#3. Omega Male 


The Omega male is another male personality type. He’s self-assured, driven, intelligent, and has diversified interests. 


The omega male has a nerdy attitude. He doesn’t like to stress himself; he’s lazy and cares less about the world around him. 


Unlike other personality traits, the Omega male is irresponsible, immature, and lacks ambition. 


Even though omega males are intelligent, they don’t act on it. Perhaps that’s because they don’t have enough ambition to do something about their intelligence. 


You can describe an omega male as a lazy husband who doesn’t provide for his family. He would rely on his wife’s expenses often and won’t even bother with house chores. 


I know somebody is out there watching this video right now thinking, ‘damn’ this is me.


#4. Gamma Male Personality 


The Gamma male is highly adventurous, eager, has a high level of self-awareness, and’s empathetic. While Gamma males are fun-loving people, they never shrug off their responsibilities. 


They don’t like being idle for too long; it could make them restless. That’s why Gamma males are adventurous and fun-loving. 


The Gamma males are very sensitive towards the opposite sex. They understand women’s needs and always go the extra mile to fulfil those needs. 


Fortune shines on any woman who has a Gamma Male as a partner. A Gamma male sometimes displays certain feminine behavior, expectations, and values to help him wins his partners’ heart. 


One thing every woman loves about Gamma males is the fact that they always put their family first in every situation. 


#5. Sigma Male 


Sigma males are the most unique male personality out there. They are likeable, calculative, self-confident, adaptable, and cunning. 


When dealing with a Sigma male, you have to be careful. They can easily convince you to do something that you won’t want to do normally. 


The sigma male and alpha male have a lot in common. Just that the Sigma Male prefers living his life outside the society’s dominance hierarchy. He doesn’t work with other people. He likes to walk with the beat of his drum. And they seldom take orders from anybody, except you are putting them to effective and productive use. 


Most times, Sigma Males don’t need much from society. They have their businesses, go for vacation alone, and prioritise adventure and knowledge-seeking over material possessions. 


The Sigma Males play an essential role in every environment. They are always outside their comfort zone, creative, good with businesses, and make less noise. Of course, they are confident partners and hard workers. 


Because Sigma Males are self-sufficient and can live their way, they are very attractive to women. 


From alpha male to sigma male, every male personality is unique in its way. These personalities help you to determine how men react in different situations. 

Thank you for reading, if you have a question about any of these male personalities type, kindly drop the question in the comment section.


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