5 Major Yoga Asanas For Digestion(2023)

Yoga asanas for digestion

According to Anshuka Parwani, who trains multiple film celebrities, here are a few asanas you can do daily to improve your digestive health, and their benefits:

1. Trikonasana or triangle pose

Since the triangle asana aids in compressing and subsequently releasing the colon, it stimulates the movement of accumulated toxins trapped in the body. Hence, it is highly beneficial in a better digestive health.

2. Uttana shishosana or puppy pose

If someday you end up eating a lot of food and you suffer from bloating or acid reflux, try the puppy pose as it is useful for stretching the belly to relieve cramps after a large meal.

3. Paripurna navasana or boat pose

Since the diaphragm is elevated during the boat pose, it allows air to flow through your abdomen, thereby stimulating the internal organs. Hence, it relieves pressure from both the liver and stomach, aiding digestion.

Boat pose is great for the core.

4. Setu bandha sarvangasana or bridge pose

This yoga asana actually stimulates and stretches the abdominal muscles and helps in bringing the organs into better alignment. In fact, it stimulates the thyroid too, which is important for digestion and metabolism.

5. Supta matsyendrasana or spinal twist on back pose

The yoga pose helps in alleviating constipation and bloating. Overall, it supports general digestion.

So, wait no more. Make these poses a part of your daily routine and your tummy will thank you for it.

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