5 Key Messages On World Brain Day 2023

This year’s World Brain Day campaign consists of 5 key messages:

1. Awareness:

Create awareness about brain and brain diseases. Give special lectures on brain to children in schools and colleges, providing information about diseases by showing replicas of brain in museum model, treatment facilities. Encourage school children to know more about the brain through drawing competition, debate competition.

2. Prevention:

Serious diseases like stroke, brain infection, epilepsy etc. can be controlled by proper preventive measures. Around 80 to 90 percent of stroke cases can be prevented by controlling its underlying causes like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, obesity, smoking etc. Diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can be controlled from progression by adopting a good lifestyle, including healthy eating habits of brain.

Alzheimer’s is becoming common among elders. 

3. Advocacy:

It is very important that the scientific study of brain diseases, new discoveries and treatments are accessible to the masses at an affordable cost. For that, in all parts of the world, medical community associations, groups of people who have recovered from the disease should put pressure on the local government and formulate people-friendly plans. These schemes should be continuously monitored and made available to the eligible beneficiaries.

4. Education:

Education for all is still on paper in many parts of the world and all governments and non-governmental organizations of the world must join hands to overcome this socio-educational inequality.

5. Access:

Resources for information and treatment of brain diseases should be easily accessible to everyone in all parts of the world, be it in the form of digital information or in the form of newsletters for awareness campaigns. Persuasion of treating specialist doctors/hospitals should ensure that state-of-the-art treatment is made available to the general public.

This year’s World Brain Awareness Campaign has been organized keeping in mind the above five points. By giving incentives to doctors, patient self-help groups and organizations who run the best campaigns, they are encouraged to inform the public even more.

The Indian Association of Neurologists, a pan-India organization of neurologists with more than 3300 members, has done its bit by organizing over a hundred public events across the country.

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