5 Irrelevant questions a woman should never ask her man


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5 Irrelevant questions a woman should never ask her man

Hi guys. Today on relationship matters, we’ll be taking a look at the irrelevant questions a woman should never ask her man.

Dating/courtship is a time where a man and a woman get to know each other better. However, there are lots of things which you will never find out about the person.

So, in a bid to know your lover better, you’ll need to ask some certain questions. This is where most people get it all wrong with ladies being the focal point here. There are somethings you can get to know about your man without necessarily asking him questions. By questions here I mean direct questions.

There are other ways you can go about knowing them. However, that’s not our focus for today. Let’s take a look at some of the irrelevant questions a woman should never ask her man.


5 Irrelevant questions a woman should never ask her man


  1. Where have you been?

This question seems like a normal thing to ask, yet irrelevant. You know he does go to work every day and the first thing you could ask when he gets home is where have you been. It’s very much irrelevant and can make your man start questioning your trust. He might decide to step out to other places after work, that doesn’t mean you should know where he was at every second of the day.


  1. Do I look fat?

Funny right? This is most ladies trap to start a fight by making their man the culprit. Guys have started avoiding this trap and at that will do everything possible to avoid answering this question. Most times, if his answer is “no” you’ll accuse him of lying, and if it’s a “yes” you’ll have a mood swing and look for one or two ways to start a fight. Not to mention that guys too are attracted to confident ladies. That question doesn’t make you one.


  1. Do you think she’s prettier than me?

Don’t you ever compare yourself with any lady and even if you do, keep your man away from it. There are billions of girls all over the world. Some you’re prettier than, others prettier than you. Don’t ever put your man in a position to compare you with other girls. He’s chosen you and that is the most important thing.


  1. What’s your body count?

This is a no-no. Getting to know the number of women your guy has been with is as irrelevant as it can be. Funny enough, some women would rather it be low and others high. So, getting to know the answer can even go a long way to destabilizing some ladies. Try as much as possible to avoid asking your guy this question.


  1. Who are you texting

To build trust in your relationship, you need to learn to trust your partner. Having said that, asking this question shows that you feel insecure. It can even go a long way to piss off the guy. This can make a man lose interest in the relationship.



These are few of some irrelevant questions ladies ask their man. Other questions do exist that are not completely irrelevant but the way you do ask them might be a turnoff for the guy. Questions like

  1. How much do you earn?
  2. What was your ex like?
  3. Why didn’t you call me before going to bed. Etc

Avoid asking your guys these questions to keep the spark in your relationship. However, there are other ways to get the information you need without asking these questions. Do have a nice day.


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