5 Hidden Signs of Depression Sigma Males Don’t Ignore

Depression is a serious disorder that can affect anybody, regardless of their personality. It could take a serious toll on you, your friends, loved ones, and family. 


Unfortunately, people underestimate depression. And when left untreated, it could lead to serious emotional, behavioral, and health problems that affect every aspect of your life. 


We all know some of the common signs of depression which are anxiety, apathy, general discontent, loss of interest, etc.


But there are certain hidden signs of depression that most people often ignore. When experiencing these symptoms, you won’t in your wildest imagination think you are depressed. 


Because the sigma males have a high level of self awareness and understanding of his immediate environment, he can easily spot these hidden signs of depression. 


Whenever the lone wolves or people close to them experience these signs, they know that it’s definitely depression. 


The truth is, sigma males always try to understand the blackness, lethargy, hopelessness, and loneliness people around them are going through. 


They try to be there for their friends or loved ones who are experiencing depression. Even when these signs of depressions are not obvious, the sigma males still spot them. 


Trust me, it’s difficult to be a friend to someone who’s depressed. But it’s actually one of the things the sigma males enjoy doing. 


They consider it noble and kind. 


If you have never experienced depression, you may think it’s just being sad or being in a bad mood. 


But that is not what depression is all about. 


When depression strikes, it puts you in a state of grayness and numbness. It makes you really lonely even if you are in a room full of a million people. 


Without further ado, here are 5 hidden signs of depression Sigma Males Don’t ignore; 


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#1. Making Extra Changes to Lifestyle

Generally, we are all creatures of habit. However, if you realize that you are suddenly making extra changes to your lifestyle, you may be struggling with depression. 


It could be engaging in activities like exercising more frequently, listening to music more often, and engaging in your favorite hobbies to distract yourself from the pain you are feeling. 


If sigma males notice this about themselves or people close to them, it’s obvious that they are struggling with depression. 


The sigma males believe that hidden depression exists when we try to quiet the loud demons in our head. 


#2. Irregular Eating or Sleeping Pattern 

You may not know this, but once you start developing depression, you may struggle with inconsistent sleeping and eating patterns. 


You may either be eating too much or too little. Once the sigma males notice inconsistency in their eating and sleeping pattern, or that of people close to them, they are immediately alerted that it could be depression. And they will try to visit an expert immediately.


In reality, depression often works in extremes and possibly slows you down.

#3. Be Excessively Philosophical. 


I know this may be a bit confusing. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being philosophical. Well, you are right. 


But when you philosophize everything happening around you, it could be a subtle sign of depression. 


For instance, we all know that sigma males enjoy spending time alone in order to reflect on the world around them. 


They use this alone time to recharge their creative energy and reflect on some of their everyday experiences in life. 


But if you constantly find yourself seeking purpose in life…


You spend most of your time thinking about the “what if” in every situation…


Or you suddenly develop the habit of having deep conversations about life and death..


It could be that you are scholarly and smart.

But it could also be the downside to thinking too much. And if this pattern continues, it could slide into chronic depression. 


Most times, when you have hidden depression, you tend to ruminate about your life uncertainties. 


And that is because of their constant feeling of directionlessness, loss, and fear. 

#4.  Problem of Abandonment

When people struggle with depression, they find it difficult to allow people in. Perhaps, it’s because they believe that it will be harder for people to be there for them when they genuinely need their support. 


But the truth is, you can’t fight depression alone. You need to be more vulnerable, and allow people into your life. 


Once the sigma male realizes that them or their loved ones may be having depression, they allow themselves to be vulnerable to that one person they trust.


By allowing this one person in, they talk about some of their challenges and relief themselves some of those depressed feeling


#5. Quick Temper

One of the hidden signs of depression sigma males don’t ignore is quick temper. Once they start feeling irritable or angry more than usual, it might be signs of depression.

Most of the time, depression doesn’t always come with sadness. It makes you feel frustrated and impatient with everyone. 


And unless you do something, your depression may intensify over time. 


These are the hidden signs of depression the sigma males don’t ignore. Once the lone wolves or someone close to them start experiencing some of these signs, they immediately seek expert help. 


Whenever the sigma male feels really frustrated and angry, he reminds himself that.


He may be bent but not broken….


He may be scared but not disfigured…


He may be sad but not hopeless…  


He may be tired but not powerless… 


He may be angry but not bitter…


And he may be depressed and not giving. That is because he is the real sigma male. 

Have you experienced any of these signs recently? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 



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