5 Helpful Ways To Stop Craving For A Relationship In 2023


1. Identify the Root Causes

More often than not, strongly craving a romantic partner stems from unmet core needs. Take time to reflect on what emotional voids you’re hoping love will fill. Do you want validation? Intimacy? Security? Pinpointing the origins of relationship obsession is key to addressing it. Once you know the roots, you can actively nourish yourself in healthier ways.

2. Challenge Societal Narratives

We’re constantly surrounded by messaging that finding “the one” is essential to living happily ever after. Take a critical look at these pervasive narratives. Recognize that you have full control over your own fulfillment and worth. You do not need another half to make you whole. Be willing to rewrite societal expectations to create a life script that suits your unique needs.

3. Foster Self-Worth

Work on seeing yourself as already worthy and lovable as you are. Make daily affirmations of self-love and appreciation. Identify positive qualities you bring to relationships as well as the world. Reflect on accomplishments and talents. Instead of seeking validation externally, develop an inner sense of value. You are enough even without a partner’s love.

4. Set Relationship-Free Goals

Shift your focus toward goals that have nothing to do with romantic partnerships. What have you been putting off that lights you up? Make a bucket list of adventures, projects, and passions you can dive into solo. Set practical steps and timelines. Immerse yourself in fulfilling activities that engage your whole self.

5. Nurture Platonic Bonds

Intimacy and companionship don’t have to be limited to romance. Lean on friends and family to meet emotional needs. Make regular dates, deepen vulnerable conversations, and show platonic love. Strong social ties are key to health and can fill voids left by a lack of partnership. Discover fulfillment in all relationships.

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