5 Healing Ways To Get Over Heartbreak In 2023


The pain of heartbreak can feel endless, but you have more power to move forward than you realize.

With concerted effort and compassion for yourself, you can get through this. The following 25 research-backed steps will help you make peace with the past, embrace the present, and create a future filled with possibility.

1. Let Yourself Grieve

Losing the person you love warrants a grieving period. Suppressing your sadness will only prolong the pain. Give yourself permission to fully process the emotions when they arise. Cry, journal, talk with friends – do what feels cathartic. Appreciate grief as the necessary pathway to healing your heart.

When you notice nostalgia or heartache, don’t judge yourself. Avoid statements like “I should be over this by now.” Everyone’s journey is different. Remind yourself that the willingness to feel, though difficult, means you are moving in the right direction.

2. Remove Reminders and Mementos

Out of sight can mean out of mind. Box up gifts, old letters, pictures, and other possessions that keep your ex at the forefront. Resist peeking at these mementos as it reopens wounds.

Create new surroundings for yourself as well. Rearrange furniture, buy new bedding, and display different photos. Do what you can to refresh your environment. Limiting triggers helps your heart and mind let go.

3. Make Time for Self-Care

Nurturing yourself facilitates healing. Eat foods that energize, exercise regularly, set regular bedtimes, and limit alcohol. Spending time outdoors, getting massages, trying therapy – anything restorative works.

Treat yourself with the same lovingkindness you would show a good friend in this situation. Follow what makes you feel renewed. By caring for your body and spirit, you rediscover your worth beyond this relationship.

4. Spend Time with Supportive Friends

Surround yourself with people who build you up. Share your feelings with supportive listeners who encourage you, not just sympathize. Avoid repeatedly venting to those who drain you further or give unhealthy advice.

Lean on friends who inspire joy, laughter, and a hopeful perspective. Let them remind you of your strengths and worth. Good company nourishes the soul. Allow the right people close to you during this sensitive time.

5. Embrace New Hobbies and Pursuits

Distraction serves an important purpose when mending a broken heart. Explore new hobbies, classes, clubs, sports teams – activities unrelated to your ex where you can meet new people.

Immerse yourself in learning, creating, moving, and experiencing. When you’re engaged and curious about something fresh, thoughts of what’s lost fade. Discover passion projects that fulfill you in the moment and build toward the future.

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