5 Handy Tips For A Healthier And Fitter Self(2023)

So, let’s get cracking and explore these 5 tips for a healthier and fitter self:
1. Go slow

While you may have been a regular fitness enthusiast back in the day, it is important to acknowledge that a lot of changes might have happened since you last worked out. Although, the muscles start to loosen up in a week’s time of not working out, the stamina persists for a while before receding. So, for the first 2-3 weeks, workout like a beginner and start with basic exercises before ramping up the intensity.

Start with stretching. 

Skipping, walking, jumping jacks and kickbacks are some good examples to start your workouts again. Remember that initially you should keep your sessions short, 30-40 minutes at the most as this will help increase your stamina without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

2. Plan and set a goal

Try to have a clear fitness goal in mind. Ask yourself, what are you looking for? Is it weight loss, muscle gain, strength, stamina, toning or weight gain. Having a well defined goal, will help plan a workout routine that fits your aspirations and will keep you motivated and focussed due to its customizable and exclusive nature.

3. Get the right equipment

Since you are exercising after a break, it is important to have the right equipment to get you back on track. Be it the yoga mat, skipping rope, ankle weight or kettlebells, ensure that you have the right tools to restart your workouts.

From improving muscular strength to preventing back injuries, adding kettlebell to your workout has many advantages! 
4. Prevention is better than cure

Since you are getting back after a break, there is no harm in consulting with trainers, experts and former gym buddies to protect yourself from injuries. Check the list of exercises that you have planned for yourself, and see if your current fitness level allows you to indulge in those movements. This will also help you achieve your targets faster as you will prevent injury or soreness that can happen due to incorrect form or high physical strain.

5. Motivate yourself by doing exercises that make you happy

Initially, when you start working out after a long haul, it takes a lot of motivation because you don’t see the results immediately. One thing that can help you stay motivated is creating a workout regime that is comfortable for you and doing exercises that you look forward to. Playing a sport or swim instead of weight training are also complementary ways of staying on the fitness course and activities that can make you happy.

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