5 Golden Rules To Make Your Workout At Home Effective(2023)


Well, with these 5 golden rules you can make working out at home as effective as hitting the gym.

1. Follow a schedule to stay motivated
Yes, it is very hard but also very important to stay motivated, especially when it comes to exercise. The best thing you can do is stick to a routine. Set a time for workouts and stick to it. Following a schedule is very important, so sleep on time and wake up on time.

2. Do your stretches and cardio right
Don’t mess with your warm-up and  cardio routine.

3. Don’t skip that sports bra and tights
There is a reason why you wear active wear while you work out. So, even if you are doing it at home, it is very important for you to dress properly otherwise chaffing is going to bite you in the ass and thighs!

4. Don’t forget your pre-workout meal
Yes, that’s important too! So what if you are working out at home… you are still working out right? Therefore, it is important to not skip your pre workout snack. A few almonds, an apple, water, or a banana and you are good to go.

In fact, a study which was published in a journal Nutrients, says that a pre-workout meal helps you boost your metabolism and it also provides you the energy to do more.

5. Use a yoga mat to cushion your back
Even if you don’t have a back problem, we recommend you to do your Pilates or core exercises on a floor mat. You can also make use of a carpet or a folded bed sheet to cushion your back. This is important if you want to avoid back issues.

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