5 Glaring Signs He Is a Player – No 3 Will Shock You

Players make it difficult for ladies to trust genuine guys. Unfortunately, ladies can’t tell the difference between a player and a genuine guy. Well, you can’t blame them. Once you attach yourself emotionally to a guy, it’s a bit difficult to see the signs that he is a player. 

Players only bring one thing to a relationship – heartbreak. These guys are dangerous and master the art of seduction. Surprisingly, they know the right “punch lines” to say to any girl, irrespective of how hardened she seems. 

But if you know the signs of a player, you can always avoid unnecessary heartbreak. 

Here are five signs that he is a player and should be avoided at all cost:

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1. He is a Flirt

If he always flirts when he is around you, you probably do not want to stick around with him. Men who have a habit of flirting usually have wandering eyes.

This simply means that there is a good chance you are not the only one he is flirting with. And he definitely has his eyes on other girls.

2. He is Commitment-Shy

This happens to be one common sign that he is a player. Most players do not like the idea of committing to anyone, and they do everything in their power to avoid defining a relationship. 

For example, if you try to introduce him to your friends or family, he is likely to come up with an excuse or a reason why you should not.

So the next time you ask him a question about your relationship, and he gives you an evasive answer, you might want to consider moving on with your life. 

3. Exes Hate Him

While it may seem normal to you for him to be hated by his exes, it could, in fact, be a sign that he is a player.

It is usually difficult to forgive an ex who was a player, which could explain the hate he receives from his exes. Regardless of what he may say to you, it is impossible for all his exes to hate him for no reason.

4. He Avoids Using His Phone Near You

Why would he be reluctant to use his phone around you if he has nothing to hide? It looks fishy when he quickly slips his phone in his pocket when he notices you are around or tries to cover his phone screen when you are beside him. 

Hiding his phone from you could only mean there are questionable conversations on his phone that he does not want you to have access to.

It is important not to neglect the fact that this act may sign that he is a player. A faithful man should have nothing to hide and should be comfortable using his phone in your presence.

5. He Constantly Compliments Your Body

It is not unusual for men to compliment women they care about, but it is quite different from a player. Unlike other men, players tend to give compliments all the time.

Moreso, these compliments often have to do with your body, not your intellect or commendable virtues. This is because a player is interested in your body alone, and that is all he bothers to pay any attention to.

On a final note, many men these days are players who do not have your best interest at heart, which is why it is essential to know a player when you come across one.

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