5 Exercises You Need To Stay Fit In 2023

1. Surya namaskar

This series of movements that allows complete body stretching and toning will make your day. Doing one complete round of surya namaskar scorches around 13.90 calories. It is advisable to start with 5 sets of this exercise initially and then raise it to 108 as you get into the practice of it.

With each movement, slowly you shall workout each part of your body. 
2. Lunges

These functional movements that strengthen and tone your legs. It is a resistance exercise that provides strength to your back, legs and hips while enhancing mobility and steadiness.

3. Squats

Great for back and legs, squats help to hold and maintain posture, tone the body, and build strength. When done appropriately, squats increase your knee stability and strengthen connective tissue. Do this in reps of 4 along with other exercises for best results.

4. Planks

These help to build strength and keep you fit. With normal planks and side planks, you can build great strength. For learners doing side planks, it is advisable to come into plank position while your head is leaning against a wall. This is an efficient way to stimulate abdominal and middle back muscles.

5. Burpees

The motion of burpees help you build muscle strength and endurance in both your lower and upper body. It is a total body workout that can help you lose some calories easily.

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