5 Exercises For Toned Arm You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Home In 2023

5 Exercises  For Toned Arm You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Home

Here are five exercises for toned arms you can do in the comfort of your home, as shared by Simran Valecha.

1. Inchworm exercise

Do the inchworm exercise for toned arms. 

Inchworm is a great dynamic movement that is the perfect warm-up for your workout. It is an exercise that targets your arms, core, shoulder, chest, upper back, hamstrings and glutes.

How to perform inchworm exercise: Stand with your feet together and then bend your hips and place your hands right in front of your feet. Don’t bend your knees when you do this. Slowly walk your hands forward and then your feet to complete the exercise.

2. Shoulder tap

Make this exercise a part of your arm workout routine so that you don’t have to ask strangers on your flight to lift your suitcase up. Shoulder taps target your core, arms, shoulder, glutes and hamstrings.

How to perform shoulder taps: Stay in a plank position with your palms under your chest, not ahead of you, feet shoulder-width apart and core engaged. Lift your palm and tap the opposite shoulder, ensuring that your body does not move when you do this. Repeat with alternate sides to complete a rep.

3. Arm circles with toney bands or wrist weights

Circle your way to perfect arms with this exercise that will target your arms, core as well as shoulders.

How to perform arm circles: Stand tall with your core engaged, keep your arms parallel to the floor, and feet shoulder-width apart. Start by making circles in the air with your arms, ensuring that your arms are at shoulder height when you do this.

4. Tricep kickback

Tricep kickback is one of the best exercises for toned arms. 

Tricep kickback targets the triceps and increases triceps strength brings stability to shoulders and arms, improves flexibility, and increases range of motion and overall upper body strength..

How to perform tricep kickback: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward till your torso is parallel to the floor and the spine, neck, and head are in one line. Keep your knees soft but not bent. Hold bottles or dumbells in both hands and slowly extend your arms together as far back as you can. If you find it hard to do it with both hands at once, train one arm first while the other rests on your thigh, and then train the other.

5. Bicep curls

This combo set will target your biceps and your core, helping you develop upper body strength so you don’t have to ask strangers to help you lift your grocery bags anymore!

How to perform bicep curls: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keep knees soft, and hold bottles or dumbbells with an underhand grip in both hands. Moving only your elbows curl both arms till they are parallel to the floor. Repeat this 10 times. Then move your arms from elbow level to shoulder and repeat 10 times. Now do the full range of motion from your sides to your shoulders and repeat 10 times.

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