5 Daily Poses To Help You Burn Over 300 Calories In 2023


  1. Planks hold

    If you really want a strong core then you just can’t give plank a skip. The longer you hold, the faster you will lose that fat around your belly area. The kicker is, don’t stick to one type of plank. Add variations to target every inch of your belly area. Doing 10 rounds of 1-minute plank is a great way to begin.

    Plank hold is a must for a strong core.
    Bridge hold
  2. If you want your butt to be firm and well-sculpted along with your belly, bridge hold is a great pick. Doing 10 to 15 rounds of 1-minute can really fire up your butts and belly. You can add pulses to eventuate the move.
    Ever felt like your butt is numb after sitting at your desk for hours on end? Well, it could be dead butt syndrome.
    Bicep hold
  3. Just curling up your biceps is not going to get you those super-toned arms. You need to add biceps hold to it as well. The best way to do it is while you are doing your last bicep curl. Just hold it in between for a minute and then end the set. You will feel the burn instantaneously.
    Stop shying away from those full sleeves and flaunt your well-toned arms with these holds. 
  4. Crunch hold

    Similar to what you have done in a bicep curl while lifting for your last crunch, don’t go all the way, but hold that crunch somewhere in the mid for a few seconds to max out the effect. You can also do crunch holds otherwise as well. Same count, 10 rounds, 1-minute each.

    Manage those bulges with holds. 
  5. Squat hold

    There are many variations here as well. You can opt for a normal squat hold, wall-squat hold, sumo hold, and even hold that last squat after those growling reps. Squat holds will definitely tone your legs sooner than you think. 10 rounds of 1-minute each is all you need.

    You don’t need a foam roller, but only a wall! 

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