5 Benefits Of Pincha Mayurasana For Your Fitness And Well-Being(2023)

Know the 5 benefits of Pincha Mayurasana for your fitness and wellness:

1. Upper back strength:

The forearm stand can provide strength to the shoulders and upper back muscles. The right alignment and posture can do wonders and provide strength to your upper body.

2. Improved balance:

Though this yoga pose seems impossible to look at, it can be achieved with the help of a trainer, the right concentration and focus, and lots of practice. It keeps you in shape and maintains your body balance.

3. Calms the mind:

When you turn upside down, it helps relieve stress and combat depression. The blood rushes downwards and provides fresh blood to the brain. As it is a mindful pose, it helps to combat worrisome and negative thoughts.

Spending even a couple of minutes in silence can calm the mind. 

4. Igniting the side body:

This upside-down pose requires a lot of muscular toning in the outer torso area. The muscles that zig-zag between the ribs are known as the serratus muscles and they are activated in a big way in this asana. It not only ignites the side body but also balances the overall body.

5. Develops arm strength:

The arm strength, triceps, deltoid, and smaller structures are all strengthened with the performance of Pichamayurasana. The lower arms provide you a weight-bearing base, and as such they get stronger, along with your wrist with the forearm pose.

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