4 Yoga Poses To Strengthen The Pelvic Floor Muscles(2023)

Yoga to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

“Yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and enhance blood flow to the reproductive area,” explains Akshar. Hence, try these 5 yoga poses and lessen pain during sex:

1. Utkatasana (Chair pose)

  • Start in Samasthiti.
  • At your heart chakra, clasp your hands in the Namaste sign and extend your arms upward.
  • Kneel down while lowering your pelvis gradually.
  • Your knees should be bent 90 degrees so that your pelvis is parallel to the floor.
  • Your ankles and knees should be in a straight line. Your attention should be directed toward your hands.
  • Maintain an upright posture and refrain from slouching your back.
  • Remain in the position for ten seconds.
Chair pose is best to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

2. Padmasana (Lotus pose)

  • Sit in Ardha Padmasana with your right foot over your left thigh.
  • Lift your left foot and place it on your right thigh facing up.
  • Pull your feet closer to your hips.
  • Drop your knees to the floor.
  • Place your palms on your knees facing up.
  • Hold the asana for a while.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

3. Baddha Konasana (Bound angle pose)

  • Begin in Dandasana.
  • Fold both your legs and bring the soles of your feet together.
  • Pull your heels closer to your pelvis.
  • Exhale and lean your upper body forward placing your forehead on the floor.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and repeat up to 3 times.

4. Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend)

  • Your knees should be slightly bent as you extend your legs forward.
  • Reach your arms upward while maintaining a straight back.
  • As you exhale, bend forward at the hips and rest your upper body on your lower body.
  • If holding your big toes isn’t possible, try holding any other accessible location with your fingers.

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