4 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Achieve That Chiselled Back In 2023

Here are the 4 yoga poses that will help you achieve that chiselled back you want:  

1. Upward facing dog

Begin with this basic pose to help relax all your back muscles. Doing so will reduce the scope of injury. You have to do five repetitions of this pose. Make sure you hold each repetition for at least 25 seconds.

2. Superman pose

This pose has quite an impact on your lower back. For effective results, you need to do this pose at least 10 times. It will definitely strengthen your back and help you avoid back troubles.

3. Bow pose

Bow pose is one of the most effective yoga poses when it comes to weight loss. Not many know that it can also be an excellent way of working out your back and ensuring it becomes stronger. It works on almost all the major muscle groups of your body and helps you burn calories. Do five repetitions of this asana and hold each repetition for a minimum of 15 seconds.

4. Camel pose

If you are a beginner, you might face some difficulty in performing this asana but don’t stretch yourself too much as it can lead to sprain and muscle spasm. Make sure that you keep practising this one because it might be difficult but it isn’t impossible to pull it off. Do at least five repetitions of it and hold each repetition for 25 seconds.

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